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Through our engagement and involvement in solving problems across wide range of industries we have developed better understanding of business problems and capability to provide most appropriate solution. We pride being one of the most preferred partner of choice for our clients across wide range of industries.

We primarily work with 6 different industries: Utilities and Mining, Transportation and Logistics, Property, Automotive, Finance and Insurance and Retail. However, we also are involved with number of projects from other industries such as health care, agriculture, hospitality among others.


Utilities and Mining

  • Efficient field service management
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Identification of mobile maturity of the organization
  • Delivery of Application Development Methodology Framework
  • Engagement of business and IT in projects
  • Use of data analysis and visualisation for Business Process Improvement

Transportation and Logistics

  • Tracking and scheduling of jobs
  • Enhanced customer feedback and interaction
  • Route optimization
  • Improved Field Service visibility
  • Quantified customer experience and employee performance


  • Secure inspection process
  • Replacement of hefty paperwork
  •  Inspection process improvement
  • Auditable documentation
  • Enhanced on-site safety
  • Secured and integrated data management
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  • Automated quoting process
  • Real time customer feedback and interaction
  • Enhanced visibility of process
  • Increased customer retention
  • Quantified customer experience and employee performance

Retail and Others

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Upsell product and services
  • Customer behavior analysis and reporting
  • Real time customer feedback
  • Business Process Improvement throughout the organisation

Finance and Insurance

  • Enhanced customer relationship management
  • Identification and categorisation of products based on customer demographics
  • Real time customer feedback
  • Comprehensive customer insight