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Dusk Job Inspect

redefine your inspection job


Dusk Job Inspect is an online solution that enables you to keep checklists and perform safety audits anytime, anywhere. You can create checklists, fill out inspections, maintain locations and invite other users to collaborate.


  • Cumbersome paper based forms
  • Inefficient audit and lack of performance visibility
  • Duplicate and manual data entry
  • Lack of real time and remote access


  • Customisable forms/checklists
  • Pre-defined SMS/safety audits/forms/checklists templates
  • Automatic Inspection Reminders * Turn spreadsheets into mobile inspections
  • ‘Save for later’ functionality- complete forms at your own leisure
  • Real time information of the work status
  • Automatic Reporting- Email, PDF & Digital Dashboard
  • E-signatures
  • Cloud storage
  • White label branding


  • Replaces the paper based forms with mobile interface
  • Makes the job visible, measurable and auditable
  • Reduces duplication of processes
  • Provides real time access to the job status and resources


  • Manage jobs efficiently
  • Perform inspections simple, fast and on location
  • Saves time
  • Enhances job safety
  • Centralized data
  • Reduce paperwork and duplicate data entry
  • Real time access to checklists
  • Eases out the inspection audit process
  • Management access to inspection and audit status for compliance reporting

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