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solving operational challenges

Mobile is much more than just “apps” and we get that, it is an end to end process encompassing systems, people and vision. Businesses already on a journey don’t want to waste time and money already invested, which is where we come in. We design, build, deploy and manage software solutions that enhance existing back office systems. We work with your technical, business and executive teams to deliver on the company vision.

Time is money. The longer a solution takes to implement, the longer it is before efficiencies and savings begin to be realised. We develop iteratively, providing a base solution typically inside 30 days. Short development and deployment cycles are paramount in the market today. Our innovative thinking, competitively priced licensing and flexible user models differentiate us.
Working closely with a select group of Subject Matter Experts from your business, who not only explicitly understand their job but will also be an end user of the new solution, design commences. We encourage the design phase to evolve through open communication.

Our solutions and experience are derived from working with products from global software companies including SAP, IBM, Salesforce and Oracle. Our solutions are robust, responsive and deliver a beautiful user experience on desktop and mobile, without the need to replace the familiar back office system.

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Our Products

Dusk SMS Connect

The Dusk SMS Connect product has been developed to work with companies who need or want to communicate with their customers via a dedicated SMS, containing a short link that directs the customer to a beautiful set of mobile rendered web forms. Use cases include questionnaires and surveys amongst others. Full reporting via email, pdf and digital dashboard included through our SaaS model per month.

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Dusk SMS Feedback

Our Customer Service product, SMS Feedback provides for real time customer feedback via mobile. The SaaS product uses rating stars and key performance indicator buttons tailored to your business with a gamified back end displaying trophies and statuses. A great product as an input to 360° customer feedback and the net promoter score of businesses. Send the feedback to the customer after the interaction and act on the response immediately.

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Dusk Utilities Status

Dusk Utilities Status has been developed following a number of years working in the industry. Understanding the challenges and developed in conjunction with the industry. Functions include SCADA network status on mobile through Android and iOS applications, delivered securely. Also other mobile portal initiatives to interact with customers both before, during and after outages. Innovative and game changing for the industry.

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Dusk IoT Suite

The Dusk IoT Suite uses sensors and real time units (RTUs) integrated to a cloud based solution built around a core engine for sending and receiving data. Using batteries with up to 10 years of life to send and receive information.

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Dusk Payments

Dusk Payments is a customized online payment gateway solution which offers a reliable way to accept payments and keep your customers’ card data secure, protecting your business and customers from fraud. It offers customers a choice of payment options and helps businesses get paid sooner.

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Dusk Digital Recontracting

Digital Recontracting has been developed by Dusk Mobile for organisations that either need to, or wish to contact their customers by SMS and receive information back, via digital means.

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Dusk Job Inspect

Dusk Job Inspect is an online solution that enables you to keep checklists and perform audits anytime, anywhere. You can create checklists, fill out inspections, maintain locations and invite other users.

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Job Schedulr

Job Schedulr is part of our Digital Operations Platform. It helps streamline the field service management process from end-to-end and includes scheduling, online booking, work order management, estimating, dispatch, routing, GPS, CRM integration, optimisation, quoting, invoicing, payments, reporting, and more all accessible over the internet from any desktop or mobile device.

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When designing solutions we work on user centered design. That is taking the time to understand the user and focus on the problem. Using our industry knowledge, creativity and design experience enables us to best serve the end user.


For example, consideration is given to technical ability, business process, hardware choice and data requirements both in the field and back in the office, plus many more.


Engagement of the end user audience via Subject Matter Experts or nominated champions is vital for sign off before the build phase commences.


Dusk Mobile bespoke app development

Our highly skilled mobile application development team deliver truly innovative solutions. Working closely with your team, our Business Analysts will spend time capturing your requirements. From here we create wireframes of how your solution could look. If you still like it, we quickly build you a Proof Of Concept (POC) to “touch and feel” how a solution could look as an app. From here, anything is possible!  Following an Agile methodology, we pride ourselves on delivering to you a functional mobile solution in sprints.


We follow an iterative process to our app development and encourage the engagement to evolve through open communication. A strong group of end users ensures this captures the role of their peers, whilst moving through the sprints.
Our clients use iOS devices, Android devices, Windows and even still Windows Mobile. We cater for all. Xamarin or multi platform development, no issues. Our apps take the consumer expectation of usability to the business requirement of function.

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