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Analytics & Reporting

making your business smarter with data


Our dashboard building capability allows authorised Staff, Customers and Suppliers access to key metrics for informed decision making and reporting. With experience in building complex dashboards for use over web and mobile, this capability provides for numerous benefits. Understanding the challenges and developed in conjunction with the industry. Functions include full SCADA network status on mobile through Android and iOS applications, delivered securely. Also other mobile portal initiatives to interact with customers both before, during and after outages. Innovative and game changing for the industry.


  • Lack of real time visibility of information
  • Spreadsheets still being used
  • Reporting conducted in different systems
  • Staff, Management or Customers needing customised solutions


  • User friendly interface
  • Real time information


  • Design and build your own dashboards
  • Schedule reports to be sent to staff, contractors and customers
  • Import your own data
  • Define your own baseline data for reporting from


  • Fast and easy to understand access to key information
  • Secure integration to existing systems or isolated data as required
  • Bespoke metrics and trend analysis
  • Mobile or Web enabled
  • Management visibility

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