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Dusk Mobile IOP Dashboard

Sample Templates Available

Job Safety Assessments (JSA)
Reactive Work Issue, Completion & Closeout
Gas, Electricity and Water Meter Reads
SLA’s, KPI’s, Profitability
LTI’s and MTI’s
Resourcing – Planned and Available
Defect Management
And many more!

Our dashboards are industry leading offering actionable insights into data from multiple sources. For many C-Suite users, this is the only part of the IOP, you’ll need or use, so we’ve provided the capability to distil a wealth of information into an interactive snapshot.


With multiple views and permission levels for authorised Staff, Customers and Suppliers to access to key metrics, informed decision making is enabled. With experience in building complex dashboards for use over web and mobile, this capability provides for numerous benefits.


Understanding the performance of your contracts including profitability, resourcing, SLA’s and in multiple dimensions provides a single pane of glass view into your business. With real time data updates from both the Dusk Mobile IOP and adjoining systems, our Dashboards become the go to place.


Our industry experience has enabled us to design highly specific dashboard templates from our understanding of the most pressing information needed at each level of your business, for both internal stakeholders and your customers. Our dashboards are mobile friendly, meaning no more daily update emails from the office when you’re on the road and all enabled securely.


  • Lack of real time visibility of information
  • Spreadsheets still being used
  • Reporting conducted in different systems
  • Staff, Management or Customers needing customised solutions


  • User friendly interface
  • Real time information and rich reports
  • Visual analytics deliver the information needed to identify issues and drive optimisation


  • Design and build your own dashboards and reports
  • Schedule reports to be sent to staff, contractors and customers
  • Import your own data
  • Define your own baseline data for reporting from


  • Fast and easy to understand access to key information
  • Secure integration to existing systems or isolated data as required
  • Bespoke metrics and trend analysis
  • Mobile and Web enabled
  • Management visibility

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