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Automating the Automotive Industry with Smart Technology
Images courtesy : Anthony Cementon


The auto industry, as things stands now, is crying out for digital transformation. To weed out inefficiencies, outdated tools, platforms and practices need to be replaced with a unified ecosystem – where all tools and workflows and environments will be in sync. In essence, there has to be a seamless platform that will ensure continuous delivery (CD), on an end-to-end basis. Application of DevOps can bring about the required mix of RIGHT people, RIGHT culture, RIGHT tooling and RIGHT perspectives.

Problems Bugging The Automotive Sector

  • Lack of trust and visibility by customers
  • Outdated tools and practices
  • Absence of a true digital automotive ecosystem
  • Legacy back office systems preventing workshop access on mobile
  • Significant paper based manual work not being digitised
  • Barriers in scalability, reusability and accurate system-level views

Multi-tiered applications are required for optimising the day-to-day practices in this industry. Technical excellence with sustainability – that’s what is essential to take the automotive industry forward.

Digital Transformation for The Automotive Sector

Dusk Mobile has delivered successfully in collaboration with leading national automotive companies, with a focus on the implementation of leaner, smarter Cloud based solutions. Technology is, without any doubt, going to be key for customer service:


We use the latest technology to create platforms for managing fleets of ‘connected cars’, running on fuel from different energy resources. The pressure on non-renewable resources will be minimised.


From automatic navigation to avoid traffic congestions and easier parkings, to communication with other vehicles – our solutions are all about establishing holistic digital automotive environments.


Our state-of-the-art solutions help users track key vehicle metrics – mileage, braking, engine status, servicing, and more – with ease. Predictive maintenance systems also help in smoother maintenance.


Users typically look for high-end automobile customisations, which are manageable from their smartphones (through apps) or wearables. We deliver software platforms that offer 100% synced experiences.


All services rendered by us are end-to-end, and primed to make every aspect of automobile management more scalable. Reusability is also focused on by our team, to reduce wastage.


Digitisation is a vital element for taking up the overall customer experiences – pre-sale and after-sale – by a couple of notches. We help you deliver ‘wow’ elements to buyers right through the product lifecycle.

Automotive Sophistication. The Next Level.

Dunlop Superdealer and Goodyear Autocare are two examples of a number automotive organisations that Team Dusk has delivered fully customised solutions too. Delivering real value that builds trust and engagement with customers, you get optimised workflows, with significant cost-savings over the long-run. The opportunities for growth and transparency in Industry 4.0 are enormous – and Dusk Mobile helps you become a part of it.

Give your automotive business a definite competitive edge. Get in touch with us and experience the difference. Call us for a FREE demo: +61(0) 3 9071 0333.

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