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Automating the Automotive Industry with Smart Technology
Images courtesy : Anthony Cementon

The automotive industry is going through a revolution. Efficiencies, outdated tools, platforms and practices need to be replaced with a unified ecosystem – where all tools and workflows and environments are in sync. In essence, there has to be a seamless platform that will ensure continuous delivery (CD), on an end-to-end basis. Bring together the required mix of the right people, with the right culture, the right tooling and with the right perspectives.

Problems Bugging The Automotive Sector

  • Lack of trust and visibility by customers
  • Outdated tools and practices
  • Absence of a true digital automotive ecosystem
  • Legacy back office systems preventing workshop access on mobile
  • Significant paper based manual work not being digitised
  • Barriers in scalability, reusability and accurate system-level views

Multi-tiered applications are required for optimising the day-to-day practices in this industry. Technical excellence with sustainability – that’s what is essential to take the automotive industry forward.

Digital Transformation for The Automotive Sector

Dusk Mobile has delivered successfully in collaboration with leading national automotive companies, with a focus on the implementation of leaner, smarter Cloud based solutions. Technology is, without any doubt, going to be key for customer service:

Real-time Telematics

Our state-of-the-art solutions help users track key vehicle metrics – mileage, braking, engine status, servicing, and more – with ease. Predictive maintenance systems also help in smoother maintenance.

Complete Digital Ecosystem

From automatic navigation to avoid traffic congestion and easier parking, to communication with other vehicles – our solutions are all about establishing holistic digital automotive environments.

Scalability and Reusability

All services rendered by us are end-to-end, and primed to make every aspect of vehicle management more scalable. Reusability is also focused on by our team, to reduce wastage.

Improved Customer Experiences

Digitisation is a vital element for taking up the overall customer experience – pre-sale and after-sale – by a couple of notches. We help you deliver ‘wow’ elements to buyers right through the product lifecycle.

Automotive Sophistication. The Next Level.

By delivering real value that builds trust and engagement with customers, you get optimised workflows, with significant cost-savings over the long-run. The opportunities for growth and transparency in Industry 4.0 are enormous – and Dusk Mobile helps you become a part of it.

Give your automotive business a competitive edge. Get in touch with us and experience the difference.

Success Stories

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Dusk provided a solution to communicate with end customers, so they could receive tailored messages and questionnaires based on their current policies.