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Collaborative Project Management

bring your projects and teams together in the cloud
Projects are truly collaborative - Project Management - Dusk Mobile IOP
  • And for those Issues, Risks, Change Requests and Actions, no more 1 page sheets and tracking them in a folder on the server (well you can link to them from the IOP Collaborative Project Management module if you want!), they are kept as colour coded tiles based on priority and assigned to a real person for actioning.
  • Financials are taken care of with a full break down in real time pulling in costs from materials, labour and more based on how you choose to set up the module.
  • The IOP can even be configured as a Program Management tool for overall PMO visibility of all projects

Introducing the Collaborative Project Management module in the IOP for the best project management

  • As an experienced project manager, how many times have you gone to access your files, checked them out or downloaded for offline editing, only to find that your changes didn’t sync?
  • Or your project file is sent out and one of your team needs to purchase a licence for a locally installed copy to open the file, that now needs to head through a workflow or to procurement.
  • Your day is spent in meetings, following up via email and phone for current status and handling crisis’.
  • A weekly status report is a 1 page document with traffic lights that takes time to put together. Time that could be better spent.
  • Taking all the rich features of your familiar project software up to the cloud before adding in the documents that support your day to day role.
  • From here we’ve provided multiple views of the same data, as each manager works differently.
  • Perhaps you prefer a Task based view with full details and chronological chat history per task.
  • Or a traditional Gantt view with the ability to adjust tasks and timelines in the browser. Or a Kanban view with ‘drag and drop’ tiles between statuses.

The Problems

  • Multiple parties need to view the project schedule
  • Lack of visibility of planned and unplanned work
  • Team members not delivering
  • No single source for gantt view, task view, financials
  • Unable to view Issues, Risks, Change Requests centrally
  • Expensive project software licences for limited use
  • Inability to work anywhere, anytime on any device

The Solution

  • All your projects in one place
  • Add, Remove or Archive projects as needed
  • Design your own templates and save them
  • Import from existing .mpp or .csv files
  • Web and mobile designed for you to access and from any device, anywhere
  • Summary view showing all statuses, traffic lights and actions
  • Multiple views of the same data based on your preference
  • Integrate to your existing systems to retrieve data and avoid duplicate data entry
  • Assign to people and automate reminders as deadlines approach

The Features

  • No code design for business users to work with
  • Task based view, Gantt View, Kanban View
  • Assign tasks to one or many users
  • Chat within tasks
  • Assign Issues, Risks and Change Requests
  • Keyword search through all projects
  • Build and save templates for repeat projects
  • Full financials view and percentage complete
  • Adjust the project schedule from any view
  • SaaS based monthly model
  • Dynamic HTML5 platform and native applications on iOS and Android
  • Cloud Storage
  • CRM Integration
  • Automatic Reporting- Email, PDF & Digital Dashboard

The Benefits

  • All projects in one place for easy management and visibility from anywhere
  • No need to lose your previously created MS Project files, just import them and away you go
  • Any device, anywhere, any time
  • You don’t need to follow people up, the IOP Project Management module does it for you
  • All data is hosted in Australia and around the clock support
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements, robust security standards, quick deployment options and data recovery feature
  • Single Sign On to utilise existing security infrastructure

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