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Dusk Mobile is the company that sits behind solutions like the industry leading IOP. The team provide strategic and tactical consulting along with support for organisations looking to deliver mobility and digital transformation and optimisation.



Customer Service Teams

Understand more about your customers and deliver greater value

The Rise Of Customer 4.0

The importance of customers in the enterprise space cannot be over emphasised. It’s all about delivering optimised ‘experiences’ to end-users – with studies confirming that 86% buyers are prepared to spend more, for an improved user-experience.

With our state-of-the-art Salesforce CRM integration services, we ensure that you continue to deliver that ‘wow’ factor to your customers. Salesforce has shown itself as a market leader and we are here to ensure you get maximum value from your investment. Your business needs to be proactive while dealing with the new-age customers – and Team Dusk offers our out of the box solution for that.


Who Needs CRM Integration Services?

From the recipient of a parcel to an electricity user, everyone is a ‘customer’. As such, they need to be valued, and engaged with, by the corresponding service providers. The demand for seamless CRM integration is uniformly high across industries like:

  • Utilities
  • Field Services
  • Property
  • Automotive
  • Supply Chain & Logistics


Building Deeper Relationships With Customers

Business success is all about maximising customer-retention and increasing buyer-loyalty. Our advanced CRM integrations help you stay connected with your customers at all times.

Personalised Communications

We endeavour to make your communications with buyers more unique and personalised than ever before. All conversations are accessible later, and you can get valuable insights from them.

Delivering The RIGHT Services

The present-day customer has plenty of options. The challenge lies in identifying the precise requirements, and delivering accordingly. With our CRM integrations, you cut out the uncertainty factor, and provide customers what they actually want.

Prompt Responses. 24×7 Customer Support.

Our solutions make sure that you can respond to every customer query on a real-time basis. All communications, tracking, inquiries and complaint handling are done online. Your business, as a result, stays always ON!

Improved Customer Touchpoints

An enterprise is likely to have multiple points of contact (customer touchpoints) with the buyer. With our cutting-edge tools, each touchpoint is optimised – so that GREAT experiences are generated, every single time.


CRM Integration For All Use Cases

Our flexible solution can be implemented for a vast array of use cases – ranging right from marketing automation, Salesforce automation and field service management, to Service Desk, social media and knowledge management platforms. 3 out of every 4 enterprises mention customer-experience (CX) as a ‘high-priority’ issue, and a potential key differentiator.


Designing Connected Companies To Boost Your ROI

Our services are available internationally across 12 time zones, on a 24x7x365 basis. Dusk Mobile is a driver of the Industry 4.0 revolution – and we promise to make your business more ‘connected’ than ever!

Are you ready to deliver superior customer service?