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DSDM Agile Project Delivery Framework

The team here at Dusk Mobile work with our clients’ assigned project representatives utilising the DSDM Agile Project Delivery Framework, where appropriate, to support project planning, management activities and to pursue sound project governance. The DSDM Agile Project Delivery Framework brings several benefits to our customers because this project approach involves the solution’s business stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. This enables our customers to be able to direct and control the development of their solution thus, customers feel ownership of their solution as it evolves. In addition, by including the business representatives throughout the project, the risk of building the wrong solution is reduced and the deployment is more likely to go smoothly due to the collaboration of all parties.

The DSDM Agile Project Delivery Framework comprises six different phases:

  1. Pre-project Phase ensures objectives are defined.
  2. Feasibility Phase to plan effort and certify the project is cost effective.
  3. Foundation Phase understands the scope of work and project lifecycle determination.
  4. Evolutionary Development Phase individual components are developed and tested in this phase continuously within Timeboxes and the Solution Development Team create the solution iteratively exploring low level detail.
  5. Deployment Phase brings baseline of the developing solution into operational use.
  6. Post Project Phase identifies if the business benefits have been met.

Dusk Mobile adheres to the DSDM Agile Project Delivery Framework to ensure:

  1. Effective Formulation and Planning of Projects
  2. Appropriate Customer Expectations, from the outset
  3. Active Cooperation, Continuous Monitoring, Coordination and Adjustment of Project Activities
  4. Management of Issues, Scope Changes, Schedule, Risks and Costs
  5. Regular Reporting of Project Status (including all of the above) to Project Sponsors
  6. Deliverables, Milestones and Sign-offs can be achieved on time
  7. Appropriate Governance and Quality Assurance is achieved

Dusk Mobile can recommend and deliver the best solutions possible based on any client’s requirements, timeframe and budget. Part of that success comes from utilizing a proven methodology that incorporates best practices in both project management and solutions content.

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