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Utilities & Mining

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The importance of utilities – power, energy and mining – in the public domain can hardly be overemphasised. These services are practically omnipresent, and we generally do not note their presence until they are unavailable temporarily. As we move deeper into the Industry 4.0 regime and problems related to mounting complexities and resource depletions start growing at alarming rates, this sector needs to undergo a radical overhaul. Embracing the DevOps culture will be key in this context.

The Challenges That Need To Be Resolved

  • Presence of outdated, inefficient energy sources, leading to losses.
  • Problems in energy access.
  • Uncertainties over utility securities.
  • Probable imbalances in the ‘Energy Equity’.
  • Diminishing competitiveness of the energy and mining sectors.
  • Adverse environmental impacts (increasing carbonisation being a major issue).
  • Disorganized IT setups and organizational cultures.

The need of the hour is to move on to utilities systems that offer an ideal balance of reliability, sustainability, performance and affordability.

Digital Transformation Models For Utilities

How can our service model help you?

Our prime objective in the energy and mining sector is all about switching over to leaner IT practices and bringing about wholesale work culture changes. Our team helps energy and mining vendors with end-to-end strategy, development, deployment and monitoring services.

Smooth integrations

Our software solutions are deployed on top your current backend infrastructure. Prompt implementations, prompt results!

Backed By Data

We deliver customised solutions for energy vendors, based on highly accurate, real-time data.

Designed For You

The service & assistance modules delivered by us are designed to best serve the functional and operational requirements of vendors/clients.

Effective Mobile Strategies

We analyse the mobile maturity of utility companies, and come up with detailed, mobile-first experiences.

Expert Field Service Management

Most losses in the utilities sector happen due to on-field inefficiencies. Our expertise rules that out, with cutting-edge field service management.

Quality Focus

Our application development methodology frameworks are created according to pre-defined quality & performance parameters.

Smarter Utilities. The DUSK Way

Our Strategies For More Efficient Energy & Mining Activities

We have already served 40+ enterprises from the energy and mining sectors. Through continuous engagement in this domain, our team has acquired the necessary knowhow to transform companies with the help of DevOps coaching, field service management, business process improvements and application of innovative mobile technologies. For sustainability, utilities need to become a lot ‘smarter’ – and we help you in that journey.

Unlock the unexplored potentials of your energy and mining enterprises with our cutting-edge services. Work with Dusk Mobile…and discover how we can help you.

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