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Finance & Insurance

Smart solutions for more effective monetary practices


Digitisation of financial processes is not only about adoption and implementation of technology. You need to have a thorough understanding of the customer expectations, the culture (both internal and external), the regulatory frameworks and other related tidbits – to deliver precisely what your clients are looking for. Digitisation and process automation are revolutionising the business paradigms of finance & insurance companies – and high-end software platform deployment, together with adoption of DevOps, have a big role to play in that.

Factors That Hold Back Finance & Insurance Institutions

  • Traditional practices are heavily time-consuming and have chances of errors.
  • Lack of adequate structured data.
  • Inability to keep up with the economic factors and changing regulations.
  • Poor responsiveness, affecting customer experiences adversely.
  • Lack of efficiency, transparency and visibility.
  • Outdated operational practices.
  • Security risks and threats.

Keeping in mind the importance of the financial sector and its common bottlenecks, it is pretty easy to see why fintech applications are growing at such a rapid clip across the globe. Dusk Mobile offers expert knowhow and software-based solutions to deliver competitive benefits. It’s all having ‘distinguishing factors’, and we help your business get those.

FinTech Is The Future

There are no two ways about it. Over the last half a decade or so, the volume of customers interacting with banks and insurance companies online has increased manifold. Expectations are going up all the time, and the onus is on you to match up to them. Team Dusk offers a myriad of services to make finance & insurance smarter through digitisation:


Our in-depth process planning system helps you identify and lock the practices that would be profitable in the long-run. Data-backed prediction models are used, to provide proactive, platform-agnostic, custom solutions.


At Dusk, we specialise in coming up with digital solutions that are uniformly customer-friendly. With our software and DevOps support, you can adopt leaner IT practices, follow agile strategies, and make everything faster.


The demand for paperless transactions is going up every quarter. People want prompt, real-time services through digital media (say, quickly filling up a form online). Our innovative solutions help you handle such requirements easily.


In the finance & insurance sector, the need for technological disruption (FinTech & InsurTech) is immediate. That’s precisely why we design tools and platforms that can be set up within existing IT infrastructure & legacy systems.


For a unified and seamless experience for both customers and executives, human as well as digital touchpoints have to be carefully optimised. With proper analysis of structured information, higher responsiveness and accuracy can be achieved.


From data-sharing in the backend, to customer service and marketing – our digital solutions help you make all finance & insurance tasks simpler, smarter and more secure. Our iterative processes also make your operations more flexible.

Smart Financial Platforms For Greater Customer Value

Round-the-clock, channel-agnostic, real-time finance & insurance services – that’s what customers are typically looking for. Add to that the dynamic nature of this sector – with blockchain and digital transactions making waves at present – and the need for reliable, high-speed automation through software deployment becomes apparent. The financial landscape is changing, fresh business propositions are coming into the picture, and you simply cannot afford to get left behind in this race.

Team Dusk helps finance & insurance companies provide smarter, better, more secure services. Call us to get a FREE demo: +61(0) 3 9071 0333.