Field Service Management for HubSpot Customers

Supercharge your HubSpot CRM with the Dusk Intelligent Operations Platform
Our powerful Field Service Management integration creates better experiences for you, your team, and your customers by automating how you schedule, dispatch, track, and invoice work every day.
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Increase cash flow and drive new business – Get paid faster by automating closeout-to-invoice cycles, and let technicians schedule follow-on work from the field.

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Create better operations by automating how you schedule and dispatch. With IOP, your HubSpot workflows deploy teams to job sites to get work done.


Improve data quality. Our mobile apps and HubSpot, get your teams to jobs on schedule, and give them the tools to share their progress.

Sync Contacts both ways

Automatically sync new HubSpot Contacts to the Dusk IOP for field work. Experience real time scheduling of work, assignment to stores or jobs and time confirmations against those Contacts.

Update Jobs & Time in HubSpot

Use the Dusk IOP cards inside HubSpot to update appointment times for your customers. Then log time against those tasks for billing.

Improve cash flow

When your technicians finish field work in the Dusk IOP app, that information automatically triggers HubSpot updates and invoices to help you get paid faster.

Product Synchronisation

Field teams need to have visibility of the products your contacts have ordered, which can be automatically synced as part of the job creation process, straight to the field. Even update inventory.

Create new jobs from HubSpot

Move your HubSpot Deals between stages and automatically create jobs in the Dusk IOP. The same for Tickets, automatically create service orders. One workflow and no duplicate data!


One less item for your field staff to think about, including optimised syncing when back in coverage. Spend the day offline if needed once you've downloaded your jobs.

Our Valued Customers

Here's why our customers love the Dusk IOP

"IOP's integration with our business processes made workflow and productivity increase immediately. The efficiency across the program from onboarding a task through to completion has enabled growth within our business and supported an increased workload"

Dominic B

Managing Director

"It easily fitted into our existing business ecosystem, replacing multiple contact points. This is removing 100% of the physical documents from our workflow and giving us more than a 10X ROI for our business"


National Operations Manager

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