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Field Service Management

shown to improve scheduling by 25%

As a Field Service Management leader, you need all your data in place for your resources, crews and customers. The workforce management software module of IOP is the solution that provides you the who, what, when, where, why and how the work is done. No more back and forth, everything is either on the device in the field or the web browser for your office teams. Real time decision making and all parties accessing consistent information for seamless workflows between your customers and your operations.

Works Management

Real time field service management visibility through multiple views across gantt, calendar and map views with filters for any work type that you choose to setup.


Planned works, unplanned works, short cycle, long cycle and more are all in your control. Reducing truck rolls and downtime safely is crucial to your bottom line, so real time information informs you and your teams to automate or semi automate your works management.

Dynamic Business Rules

All in one place in their own lists, so you can see the status of all. Prioritise, turn on and off, automated and semi automated for each requirement.


Set your own constraints, turn them on and off at different times and for different work types. A multitude of constraints that you can sequence and control to ensure the most optimised schedule for your business.

Next Generation Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software

Works Planning

Your business needs to Plan, Schedule and Dispatch work in the most efficient way taking many factors into consideration.


Job Readiness, Crews and Resource Management to set you up as a leader. Using the Dusk Mobile IOP Field Service Management module, you can easily view your work through different lenses showing who is available, who is working, with whom and on which type of work.

Works Completion

Intuitive mobile apps show your field crews how to achieve the most safely. Read more on that here.


Updates are passed back in real time as Tasks and Jobs are completed in the field, with timestamps against each item. Inform your customers automatically by connecting in our SMS tool for “Uberisation” or monitor your SLA’s and GSL’s accurately. Best in class field service management to close out works faster and shorten your invoicing cycles.

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More Features

  • Map and List based current and future work
  • Users Status – Available, Onsite plus more
  • Route optimisation
  • Geo-fence alerting to customers
  • Dynamic scheduling functionality
  • Timeline view – time based snapshot of workers against work
  • Dynamic HTML5 platform and native applications on iOS and Android
  • Pre-built connectors for plug and play integration
  • Automatic Reporting- Email, PDF & Digital Dashboard
  • Start with just your existing spreadsheets and import them
  • Configurable for your business and your business processes
  • Designed with easy integration and visibility at the forefront
  • Connect to your existing systems to retrieve data and avoid duplicate data entry
  • Suite of automation tools, saving you many people days and increasing accuracy

Read more here on these great features too…..

More Benefits

  • Do more with less using the Intelligent Operations Platform
  • Customers typically see a minimum 25% improvement in resource allocation
  • Suite of utilisation reports for smarter planning and analysis
  • Jeopardy management tools and suggested actions out of the box
  • Designed by the industry for the industry, a user-oriented tool
  • Easy to learn with an inbuilt Wiki and Tier 1 training support
  • Enhances communications for superior field service management
  • Finding all the information you need is considerably easier
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements and Support
  • Enterprise grade security, quick deployment options and data recovery feature
  • Rapid ROI and a positive business case every time
  • Gain of visibility of planned and unplanned work
  • Optimise your resource allocation across all work types
  • Real time data resulting in informed decisions

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