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IoT Integration

increased asset life cycle management

Whether your looking to move into condition based maintenance or just need to visualise your IoT devices, the IoT module in IOP does that for you. This powerful module plugs into the other IOP modules delivering numerous benefits using automation, alerting and closeout. Dispatch your field crews to the jobs they are needed at, at the right time and with the right data. Even take advantage of our pre-built API’s to connect back into your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems to update your single source of truth.

IoT Dashboard - Sensor Connectivity - Field Service Management Platform

Workflow Automation

Build your own workflows based on constraints that matter to your business and your customers. Need to automatically alert someone when a sensor reaches a threshold? Or how about when a job has been closed out, triggering a follow on request automatically via SMS to the responsible party and API request to the host system?


This is the easiest workflow builder to design and execute with.

Touchless Work Closeout

Your existing investment in sensor based technologies needs to be taken to the next level. Using IOP to visualise your sensors and real time units (RTUs) through our easy to connect integration points, you can start automating tasks based. Dynamic workflows using IOP Drag ‘n’ Drop capability means your business users can automate process that triggers your field resources to visit a sensor.


True touchless automation. Correlate multiple data points and realise the benefits of your existing investment. IOP connects to existing “head end” platforms to provide the bridge across multiple data points.

Workflow Builder - IoT Automation

Condition Based Maintenance

Deploy advanced applications from your cloud based platform and operate in real time without the need for human intervention. If an alarm is generated from a sensor, take action immediately and even integrate to auto dispatch a job. Reduce costs and deliver increased value on your customer contracts.


Configurable Dashboards to view your data, your way and dynamic reports that show the information that matters to you. More on that here:

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