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IoT & Security Integration

increased life cycle asset management and information


Through our Partnership with Buddy (ASX:BUD), we deliver advanced capability to visualise sensors and real time units (RTUs) integrated to our SaaS solution. This partnership ensures our customers can correlate multiple data points and realise the benefits.


  • Industry demand a more flexible smart grid that can handle multiple energy sources (like wind and solar) in a decentralized and bi-directional network.
  • Companies need to update their current manually read meters to smart meters.
  • Customers are unable to view the gas usage and billing information in real time.
  • A metering platform is required to control/monitor pipeline devices such as valve control, temperature, pressure, throughput and usage.
  • A scalable environment needs to be built for smart meters, CO2, fire and smoke sensors from different vendors – both wired and wireless.


  • A cloud based management platform that includes a dedicated customer portal allowing for individual requirements to be catered to per company.
  • Dedicated secure access to the cloud based management platform
  • Smart gas meters, real time units (RTUs) used for management and numerous sensors both commercial and residential displayed
  • New devices can be simply added to the cloud platform as they come online
  • Deploy advanced applications from our cloud based platform and operate in real time without the need for back-end servers or human intervention.
  • If an alarm is generated from a sensor, take action immediately and even integrate to auto dispatch a job


  • Secure Cloud based management platform
  • Managing geographically dispersed company assets
  • Monitor asset performance
  • Integrate vendor devices
  • Bespoke User Interface
  • Real time usage and billing information


  • A fundamental shift in advanced energy production and distribution technology, management and services
  • Leverage existing investments in infrastructure and operations
  • Enable utility companies to be more agile, more flexible and efficient
  • Improve outage management
  • Transform energy data into new services
  • Prevent theft
  • Integrate all types of energy in a connected system

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