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Managed Mobility

full financial and management information by device - a super CMDB!

Leverage your existing AirWatch by VMWare investment with our full enterprise mobile lifecycle management tool, Dusk Central. Using our proprietary solution to securely integrate between your enterprise systems, Dusk Central serves as a central Managed Mobility platform. Your teams access Dusk Central through our secure iOS, Android or Windows App on their smart phones or via HTML5 site on a desktop or notebook.


Manage your mobile ecosystem, including:

  • Order devices on iOS, Android, Windows
  • End User Support
  • Voice and Data usage integration with your telecommunications provider
  • License & Insurance Management
  • Plus much more

We even supply and lease hardware from Apple and Zebra Technologies! Talk to us about financing your software and hardware, no job too big!

Recycle – end of device life, choose where your hardware retires to. With many worthy causes.

The Result

Your new employees or contractors are ready to go on day 1 with fully managed mobile devices and no headaches following a seamless workflow between your vendors and internal teams. Our skilled team work closely with your Procurement, Service Desk and Business teams to provide the optimal setup and ongoing management.

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