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Optimise Your Business

Reduce data entry by up to 75%, calls by 30% and increase profit by 20%!

Your Business. Optimised with digital by us.

Reduce the number of software tools your company uses or simply overlay our easy to setup and use cloud based software on top of those existing tools, to provide a single pane view of your business. We fit into your business, not the other way round.


Dusk Mobile specialises in delivering our high-end, API driven, mobile-first software solution that takes your operational activities to the next level via automation. Our Intelligent Operations Platform provides a single view, live representation of your business, which provides teams with access to information and communications at their finger tips to make instant, fact based decisions. We are an industry leading, award winning company. Using our software platform to analyse, automate and optimise back office and field based processes, our customers are translating their data into business value, typically adding at least 20% to their bottom line.


Open communication is a key watchword in our planning and development phases. Our in-house experts take time out to understand each and every aspect of your business, and visualise the impact of new designs and software solutions via workshops. We follow iterative development plans – with our base solution being presented to you within a maximum of 30 days based on your requirements, which we support you in capturing. Right through the design phase, our team closely collaborates with you. No delays…no fuss…No undue expenses…just the support you need.


Over the years, we invested heavily in our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, building an industry leading, highly responsive, robust capability. To stay ahead in your niche, you need the best software with shorter development and deployment cycles. Dusk Mobile offers you just that.


When designing solutions we work on user centered design. That is taking the time to understand the user and focus on the problem. Using our industry knowledge, creativity and design experience enables us to best serve the end user. For example, consideration is given to technical ability, business process, hardware choice and data requirements both in the field and back in the office, plus many more. Engagement of the end user audience via Subject Matter Experts or nominated champions is vital for sign off before the build phase commences.


Our highly skilled mobile application development team deliver truly innovative solutions. Working closely with your team, our Business Analysts will spend time capturing your requirements. From here we create wireframes of how your solution could look. Once you’re happy, we quickly build you a Proof Of Concept (POC) to “touch and feel” how a solution could look as an app with our clickable prototype. From here, anything is possible!  Following an Agile methodology, we pride ourselves on delivering to you a functional solution in sprints.


We follow an iterative process to our app development and encourage the engagement to evolve through open communication. A strong group of end users ensures this captures the role of their peers, whilst moving through the sprints.
Our clients use iOS devices, Android devices, Windows and even still Windows Mobile. We cater for all. Our apps take the consumer expectation of usability to the business requirement of function.



Our experiences and capabilities, and consequently, our software solutions are constantly being refined and upgraded. Get in touch with us…and allow us to transform your enterprise and let our customers do the talking!

Are you ready to run smarter with data?