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Why Dusk Mobile?

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Dusk Mobile - IOP - Australian Made

Our team are Australian based. Our customers have Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) requirements for onshore organisations, which we fully satisfy. We pride ourselves on being an extension of your business and that means we can be onsite if needed, whether that be the office or in the field. The IOP has been designed in conjunction with industry leaders as we want you, your staff and your contractors to love our product. The IOP is also proudly certified as Australian Made, licence #11043


It’s more than a solution to perform work, it’s a solution that “owns your day” and delivers value in multiple areas to empower office teams and field crews.


A few words from our customers:

“You can grow with us”

  • Your data is stored in Australia
  • Your data is only accessible in Australia
  • Your data is not taken offshore


This is 2 fold. Some of our customers are technically advanced and have developed strong internal capability. They are looking for a partner, not a vendor to be an extension of their team. A small customer to a large vendor can be of less significance as they focus their relationships and product direction toward their larger customers.


The other side of this means that with their technology roadmap, they don’t want a vendor to restrict that. Subsequent rework at high cost and additional project overheads which will interrupt business operations is not something they want to do anymore than they need to.


Flexibility also comes into play here and a customer doesn’t want to be on a vendor dictated roadmap. The world we live in now has far greater choice and that includes technology partners for their business.

“I can tell you have a deep understanding of the industry and the nuances”

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Short implementation times
  • Utilising your existing investment


Managing assets, large distributed workforces with many complexities has taken years to build that knowledge across our team. Talking the same language makes the world of difference.


Our product reinforces that understanding with industry structure, usability and terminology. Equally this means the product isn’t a good fit for other industries, which we’re fine with!

“Your team are keen to learn and have invested in us already”

  • Loyalty and Support
  • Trust
  • Introductions and Connections


As a business we regularly reach out to industry and all personally connect with each new connection on LinkedIn, after events or from introductions. Investing in relationships over coffee and enjoying learning is second nature to our team.


We’ll meet with thought leaders to just listen in many cases. Other times, we’ll share content that we believe will be valuable or introduce parties where we can see synergies, with no expectation of reward. This can span years before anything financial is returned but as there is no expectation of financial return, it doesn’t cause us concern. It certainly helps to be front of mind with the prospect but shows consistency and loyalty, which we pride ourselves on.

“You’ve delivered well elsewhere”

  • Industry designed for business users to own
  • Pre-Built Industry Template Packs
  • Your customers are our customers


This can be a referral or when someone moves roles and re-engages us. It’s humbling and nothing says more than a referral. Even a recent call with a customer, “don’t forget to put me as a reference anytime”.


As a growing business, this gives us confidence that we are making a difference to people’s lives and giving time back to them. This is our underlying “Why” and for those that are keen to learn more about they why, we can recommend the source here from Simon Sinek .

“Your product is an 80% fit technically and functionally”

  • Clear product roadmap
  • Customer driven product roadmap
  • Continued re-investment


Providing technology solutions in a world where most of us have high expectations as consumers, requires those looking at us to have a “variation tolerance”. Would you use a professional networking tool such as LinkedIn if you could only see people but not connect and engage? Probably not. Being able to accept 80% at signing needs a different lens to know that the product won’t fit 100% from the outset.


The other side of this is customers are “not one size fits all”. This can be the tyranny of growing a business as vendors try to reign in customisations per customer but in doing so, it does cause friction for the customer. Customers share similarities in the underlying business models and best practice or experience is often welcomed as information but As a prospect or customer, you don’t want to be told that your process needs to fit a software product. We’ve all seen what happens when this has been done and it results in less productivity not more!


As an example, using a Task Management tool for Project Management doesn’t end well.