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Dynamic Reporting

Visualise multiple business functions in a single pane view

Our dashboard building capability allows authorised Staff, Customers and Suppliers access to key metrics for informed decision making and reporting. With experience in building complex dashboards for use over web and mobile, this capability provides for numerous benefits. Understanding the challenges and developed in conjunction with the industry. Also other mobile portal initiatives to interact with customers both before, during and after engagements. Innovative and game changing for the industry.

Scheduled or self serve functionality available out of the box including building, publishing and subscription capabilities. Live reporting provides a point of difference for real time actionable insights.


The Problem

  • Lack of visibility
  • Historical data not integrated to the system.
  • Inefficient monitoring and support process
  • Data only available in reports
  • Information requires access to multiple systems

The Features

  • User friendly interface for information display
  • Real time information via easy connectivity to host systems
  • Current and Historical data
  • Consume data from multiple sources

The Solution

  • View current information, updates updates and historical information
  • Customer details, Asset details and any other related information.
  • View in tabular and geospatial form, historical information, current weather and warnings along with receiving system generated notifications through the mobile application.

The Benefits

  • Live data feeds with built in automation delivering 40% ROI
  • Implement governance frameworks delivering compliance
  • Overall visibility of tasks, ownership, actions and KPI’s
  • Bespoke metrics and trend analysis with alerting
  • Mobile or Web enabled
  • Management visibility

Success Stories