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Visualise and take action with real time data

The Dusk IOP dashboard capability allows your Staff, Customers and Suppliers access to key metrics for informed decision making and reporting. Role based permissions ensure the right people have access to the right real time data.

Filters show information by from dates through to customers, staff, States and more based on the dashboard type. Out of the box templates to get you started and start seeing the who, what, when, why, where and how of your business. Live reporting for real time actionable insights.


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Success Stories

Asset, Client and Store Dashboards

Bring your data in through pre-built connectors or import via CSV. Visualise your assets, stores, clients and identify jobs and tasks located near each other. Historical visits to locations let you see what’s been delivered and when. Lasso to create packages through the map interface and receive live updates as work is completed in the field.

Program Management Dashboards

Powerful dashboards throughout the Dusk IOP show you, through a series of views, how your business is running. Role based permissions ensure your staff have access to the information they need to make decisions. The Project and Program Management set of dashboards are interactive, letting you take action from a single interface.

Resource Management Dashboards

Through a series of dashboards, see the who, what, when, where, why and how of your staff and contractors. Who is available, when they’re available, why and where too. Approve timesheets and leave requests plus receive alerts for expiring skills and work order statuses plus more.

The Problem

  • Lack of visibility
  • Historical data outside the Dusk IOP.
  • Data overload, show me what matters.
  • Information requires access to multiple systems.

The Features

  • User friendly interface for information display.
  • Real time information via easy connectivity to host systems.
  • Current and Historical data.
  • Consume data from multiple sources.
  • Configurable based on your business data.

The Solution

  • View current information, updates updates and historical information
  • Customer details, Asset details and any other related information.
  • View in tabular and geospatial form, historical information, current weather
  • Receive warnings along with system generated notifications from the mobile app.

The Benefits

  • Live data feeds with built in automation delivering 40% ROI.
  • Central compliance and management of your operations.
  • Overall visibility of tasks, ownership, actions and KPI’s
  • Multiple dashboards with role based views.
  • Mobile or Web enabled.

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