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Your operations demand the integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) to drive your business decisions. As these technologies become closer, the opportunities for business improvement continue to grow. Our IoT integration for this can be found over on the Internet of Things page. More can be found in this blog post on the reasons for integrating IT and OT, if you’ve not yet started that journey here.



Are you tired of being called for updates during the day by your Executive team and your Customers? Direct them to the Dusk IOP for up to minute information on projects, jobs, time, financials and more. Your team need to have the 360 degree view of your business. This view needs to be represented in different ways and from different data sources for different users. The power comes about through collaboration and knowledge gained through visibility. Visualise your IoT devices in the Dusk IOP as a single source of truth by connecting to your IoT platform.



As IT and OT are more tightly connected, being able to take action in real time becomes key including jeopardy management, which we explore in this blog post here. Take action on the alerts automatically by dispatching nearest crews and much more before closing the alert out from the field.



With your data being presented from many sources, the ability to view it and analysis it for your needs goes without saying. Alerting and notifications that are configurable based on your own defined thresholds ensure that you are aware of the information you need and only that. The white noise from too much data as an operational leader can be a distraction that your teams can manage. Data views based on user roles provides just that.

Timesheet Management

From your virtual office, increase your profitability by understanding true job costs including tool time, travel time and allowances.

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IoT & Sensor Management

Visualise your assets in real time and then setup automated workflows for safe condition based maintenance to reduce costs across your business and customers.

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