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Field Service Management

As a field services leader, the success of your team ensures your customers are happy, your business unit runs profitably and your works are delivered safely and on time. To achieve this level of efficiency, technology can help you build on your core ingredients by optimizing field service management with automation:


Great communication

Today you live in an age where real time information is the norm. From news through to your deliveries, tracking your energy usage and much more. As a consequence, an expectation has been formed of needing that communication in the workplace to in turn deliver to your customers. Field service management for remote workforces means your mobile field force need to be accessible, even if they are physically located elsewhere. The ability to deliver consistent, clear important communication to them is vital. Efficient dispatching with field service management tools is a must.


Training & Support

Your teams need to have their paths cleared to deliver against KPI’s or SLA’s. This is as simple as accessible training on their terms such as On Demand content in the field. Today it isn’t possible or practical to pull everyone off their job and into an office or depot, so training and support should align with that. Your teams learn at different paces and benefit from different means, so a solution that supports that should be selected. This post here in our blog talks about how to incrementally introduce change to ensure success.



An industry leading field service management technology solution for complex scheduling is going to enable and support you and your team. Field service management analytics for data-driven decisions means this technology needs to empower your staff and increase productivity, which we explain more in this blog post. The right tools extend beyond equipment to install, repair, inspect or audit and into the equipment to capture all of this information. Your business has its own way of working and to recognise that, the Dusk IOP has the ultimate level of configurable flexibility that shapes around your business, not the other way around for maximising productivity with mobile field service management. Read more on how the industry leading field service management platform can support you here.

Planning & Scheduling

Save time and send the most suitably skilled and available resources to their work using IOP. Then engage, simplify and increase the value you deliver to your customers.

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Form Builder

Design forms that match your current paper layouts to capture accurate information from the source in IOP. Increase compliance and adherence to your service level agreements.

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Success Stories

How to reward customers for behavioural change

The project aimed to monitor the energy consumption of the registered participants over the summer months. Monitoring consumption via the portal led to incentives being provided for reduced power usage on peak demand days.