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Managing projects across different departments, from different sources has enough challenges. Add resource and skills management on top of this and forecasting can become a battle. The Dusk IOP addresses that by providing a single source of truth that that connects back to your finance platform such as Xero, MYOB, Reckon, SAP and more to provide up to date financials.


The Dusk IOP app has been designed to be straight forward and can be utilised to confirm time to jobs and tasks accurately. We make your operations more effective, efficient and profitable. From setting up your own risk profile and importing spreadsheets or using our templates from the shelf to get up and running, we make it straight forward.

  • Forecasting – from 12+ months down to months and day (named and non named)
  • Resource availability and conflicts across projects
  • Skills and availability
  • Time confirming at the job and task level
  • Capture of allowances and codes
  • Budgets and using financial data from your accounting platform
  • Dashboards with your priorities summarised by day, week and month

The Dusk IOP is a solution that works with your business model and existing platforms. With real-time cost management, process automation and workflows, we help you manage your projects and deliver outstanding service to your customers.

The Dusk IOP provides you with a streamlined, end-to-end solution. From managing your sales leads from your CRM software to preparing Quotes and generating Invoices through your financial software. 

Which Dusk Products?

Project Management Software

Projects need accurate time and cost capture down to the task level. Your project resources only see the projects they are assigned to and confirm time down to the task level. Materials can be added in from the Dusk IOP or ad hoc based on your project type.


The Dusk IOP Dashboards provide a snap shot of the day, week and month ahead. Take notes, synchronise your calendar and have all information at your finger tips as a personalised command centre.


Setting and managing your project budget is intuitive in the Dusk IOP. Colour coded line items show you key information and alerts take you to the area requiring attention. Reconcile invoices and generate invoices to your finance software.

Resourcing projects is a constant challenge and made more challenging where specialist, in-demand skills are involved. Our resource conflict capability lets you see easily where conflicts are and go directly to the project for resolution.


Customers have their chosen software for storage, finance, sales, documents and more. The Dusk IOP has been designed to work between these products as one size doesn't fit all and a new solution for your business needs to just work and deliver ROI quickly.


Our cloud platform means your team can work from anywhere and collaborate in real time. See changes instantly and work with the most up-to-date information.


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