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Property & Construction

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Through our engagement and involvement in solving problems across wide range of industries we have developed better understanding of business problems and capability to provide most appropriate solution. We pride being one of the most preferred partner of choice for our clients across wide range of industries.

We primarily work with 6 different industries: Utilities and Mining, Transportation and Logistics, Property, Automotive, Finance and Insurance and Retail. However, we also are involved with number of projects from other industries such as health care, agriculture, hospitality among others.

The Industry Bottlenecks We Need To Resolve

  • Lack of automated solutions, or partial adoptions.
  • Absence of timely, accurate communications.
  • Inadequate project planning.
  • Greater risks of manual processes. Risk management systems are insufficient.
  • Inefficiencies in the supply chain, leading to losses.
  • Over-reliance on unskilled labour.
  • Poor material qualities and unreliable methods.

With outdated, malfunctioning machines and systems, not only are there problems in delivery – but chances of accidents and higher-than-necessary costs also crop up. Property & construction is not traditionally viewed as a ‘for software’ industry – and we are committed to change that view.

How Will Digital Transformation Take Property & Construction Forward?

The construction industry is evolving fast – and the focus on urbanisation, automation and connectivity is going up all the time. In such a scenario, digital transformation can hand companies a significant competitive edge.


Construction processes are often delayed due to changes in the later stages. With an agile approach and lean IT practices, we help you optimise information flows and do the necessary upfront planning.


Dusk Mobile is a proven expert for the creation of fully accountable and transparent software platforms. These immersive platforms are instrumental in organising, analysing and storing valuable big data.


Project specs, geometrical parameters, thermal standards, aesthetics and acoustics – everything is factored in our comprehensive project plans. Our end-to-end planning helps you earn much higher ROI figures.


We help you optimise each stage of construction workflows – including inspections and audits (also, sales). Through unified collaboration with Salesforce, we help property vendors deliver seamless experiences to customers.


For attaining paperless, efficient workflows, implementation of advanced digital collaboration and mobility solutions is an absolute must. Real-time risk reports, tracking and quality control are key elements.


We help you with custom, standardised tools and ideas – for bolstering productivity, minimising wastage, and ensuring optimal allocation of resources. Supply chain operations are also made more intuitive.

Give An Edge to Your Construction Business

With smart automation, superior big data management, and implementation of the DevOps culture, the property & construction sector can be made more competitive than ever before. Innovative tools, involving things like 3D modelling, IoT and AI-powered applications can combine to lay out agile, iterative, and efficient workflows. Our solutions will also add greater flexibility to your supply chains.

Make your construction business cutting-edge, dynamic and future-proof. Dusk Mobile will show you how to exactly go about it.

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