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Project & Job Management

create and schedule your first job in under 5 minutes!
  • See your resources, crews, assets, equipment, customers and more, easily.
  • See the who, what, when, where, why and how your work is done, or “5W+H”.
  • From rosters to bookings, jobs to invoicing, no more back and forth.
  • Real time decisions using workflows between your customers and operations.
  • Plan short cycle or long cycle work and then assign or reassign in a click.
  • View available resources, teams or crews with various business rules
  • All you need on the device in the field or the web browser for your office teams.
  • Connect to your core systems and maintain your source of truth.
  • Easy to use powerful apps to mobile enable your field staff and support them.
  • Real time dashboards for snapshot views and taking action.
  • Toggle button filters to quickly see work statuses in lists or maps.
  • Join our other customers and reduce your scheduling time by more than 55%!

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Manage by exception

  • Real time field service management visibility.
  • Multiple views across gantt, calendar and map views with filters for any work type that you choose to setup.
  • Planned works, unplanned works, short cycle, long cycle and more are all in your control.
  • Introduce automation or semi automation to reduce truck rolls and downtime safely, adding to your bottom line.

Spend time on what matters

  • All in one place in their own lists, so you can see the status of all.
  • Prioritise, turn on and off, automated and semi automated for each requirement.
  • Set your own constraints, turn them on and off at different times and for different work types.
  • Optimise for your business and take time back in your day.

An app designed with users, that works offline

Easily plan and dispatch work

  • Plan, Schedule and Dispatch work taking many factors into consideration.
  • Work from shared rosters, so everyone is on the same page
  • Bring together Job Readiness, Crews and Resource Management activities.
  • A single configurable view of who is available, who is working, with whom and on which type of work.
  • Schedule appointments and Re-schedule with at the click of a button.

View all work statuses

  • Intuitive mobile apps show your field crews how to achieve the most safely. Read more on that here.
  • Updates are passed back in real time as Tasks and Jobs are completed in the field, with timestamps against each item.
  • Inform your customers automatically by connecting in our SMS tool for “Uberisation” or monitor your SLA’s and GSL’s accurately.
  • Best in class service management software to close out works faster and shorten your invoicing cycles.

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More Features

  • Map and List based current and future work
  • Users Status – Available, Onsite plus more
  • Route optimisation
  • Geo-fence alerting to customers
  • Dynamic scheduling functionality and smart rostering
  • Timeline view – time based snapshot of workers against work
  • Dynamic HTML5 platform and native applications on iOS and Android
  • Pre-built connectors for plug and play integration
  • Automatic Reporting- Email, PDF & Digital Dashboard
  • Start with just your existing spreadsheets and import them
  • Configurable for your business and your business processes
  • Designed with easy integration and visibility at the forefront
  • Connect to your existing systems to retrieve data and avoid duplicate data entry
  • Suite of automation tools, saving you many people days and increasing accuracy

More Benefits

  • Do more with less using the Intelligent Operations Platform
  • Customers typically see a minimum 25% improvement in resource allocation
  • Suite of utilisation reports for smarter planning and analysis
  • Jeopardy management tools and suggested actions out of the box
  • Designed by the industry for the industry, a user-oriented tool
  • Easy to learn with an inbuilt Wiki and Tier 1 training support
  • Enhances communications for superior field service management
  • Finding all the information you need is considerably easier
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements and Support
  • Enterprise grade security, quick deployment options and data recovery feature
  • Rapid ROI and a positive business case every time
  • Gain of visibility of planned and unplanned work
  • Optimise your resource allocation across all work types
  • Real time data resulting in informed decisions
Alex G.
Alex G.
From Dawn to Dusk Pretty easy to use even for new users, features and options are easy to select and the ease in scalability provided by the software is intuitive and seamless. ☺ The ease of use, seamless scalability, compatibility to other softwares, applicability to our needs and great degree of customisation. ☹The software is perfect for our organisation.
Jon R.
Jon R.
Allowing insights into our business and highly accommodating development team Whilst we are in the very early stages of rolling out Dusk IOP to the workforce I have been continuously impressed with the responsiveness of [SENSITIVE CONTENT] and the team. We have been informed of all progress and any issues have been resolved within a quick timeframe. ☺The customer service has been great. We've had a few features added to tailor the platform to our business and having the ability to change/add features to the software (where possible) is a huge plus to us. The gant chart overview of all projects is a great feature for our management to overview progress as well as the availability of personnel and how this is highlighted with any conflicts. ☹We are still getting used to the platform and it does take a little while to remember where things are and what they are called but over time this will become second nature.DU
Francisco G.
Francisco G.
Dusk and Drones ☺I really liked being able to assign skills to my teams. Each person has a certain area of expertise and I could match that to the job I had to complete. ☹We worked with the dusk team to better incorporate the routing features for our use.
Keith G.
Keith G.
Great Tool Alan was great and negotiable. Met our needs and worked with us on pricing. ☺The ease of use, compatibility to other software, and applicability to our needs. ☹More USA compatible. Needs updated maps of US and metric conversions.
Ray P.
Ray P.
The Best of Both Worlds With Room To Scale Overall I really like Dusk and see a ton of potential for us in the UAV industry. As a company we cater to various industries all the time and Dusk allows us to not only see a 5000 ft level but get into the fine details very quickly to see the lack of communication or the perfect execution. Nobody in your team can hide from the project from forms to tasks to even the job features in the app when they are on the field. Love the potential and scalability Dusk will be able to do with us here at Ozone. ☺I like best about this software is the ability to tailor it to your own operations from pre planning, accountability, visibility and client delivery. Dusk does it all. ☹The learning curve of Dusk is very steep though if you have been around other project management software's you will be able to navigate the various windows, features and options. Word of advice take your time and go through each feature and test implement that into your daily workflow as it will reveal either the lack of or expand into your operations scalability.
Mark S.
Mark S.
Dusk IOP Fantastic support throughout the journey. I like that there the modules are interconnected and that the date flows easily. I really like the strong API capabilities. Dusk's industry experience is evident when conversing with them and they really understand client need. ☺The simplicity and easy of navigation. Dashboards have also been very well thought out and are relevant to a large majority of industries. ☹I did not see any cons with this product. My needs were met.
Dane S.
Dane S.
Fantstic product, wonderful team Overall experience has been excellent, from concept through execution. We're very early into our experience with the final program, but believe moving forward it will allow us to be proactive as a business rather than reactive, which is the biggest benefit. ☺The best thing about the software was it's outstanding breadth of ability, and the vast amounts of customization available. ☹What we like least would probably be how intricate the back end is, and that sometimes it can be slow to load information, but that may be because we have so much information.
Lara B.
Lara B.
Highly Accommodating and Easy to Work With IOP has given us flexibility in the way we collect information, and more efficiency with the collation of that information. IOP has helped streamline aspects of our business that we were struggling to manage. ☺This software allows our business to collect data from our field, with integrity and meaning. We are able to run our Field Force more efficiently, whilst also getting the best results for our Clients. ☹The administration to output using the software is quite detailed and intensive, however as a business, we made the decision to bring more administration in-house, so our users will have a better experience using the App.
Dominic B.
Dominic B.
Increased output ☺IOP's integration with our businesses exiting systems and processes made workflow and productivity increases immediately. The efficiency across the program from onboarding a task through to completion has enabled growth within our business and suported increased work load. ☹Coming up over 2 years since migrating to IOP, we are yet to encounter any issues to report on that would deter us from recommending this program to others.
Stephen P.
Stephen P.
Web Site Setup and maintenance Great, works well once established. ☺The ease of setup by Dusk who lead us in a logical and systematic process which made it very easy to get to the end goal we wanted to achieve. ☹We were hands off and only looked at images or data until the completion; therefore we were not directly involved with the software just the end product.

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