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Our Story

why we do what we love

Founded in 2013, Dusk Mobile was established to partner with organisations looking to transform their workforces with mobile technologies. More than just apps, our solutions are comprehensive delivering automation and reducing the headaches of duplicate data and low quality data plus more. Our experts work with you to integrate to your existing technologies, with the design and build of solutions. Our Services Centre of Excellence (SCoE) delivers Tier 1 support and training for your staff and we even take care of your devices too! Dusk Mobile offers the end-to-end lifecycle.


Our offering has grown over the years to include our own solution for customers looking to rapidly enable their teams or without the budget to specify their own solution. Our team of experts design, build and operate next generation technology solutions for mobile workforces.


Our own proprietary software, the Dusk Intelligent Operations Platform (Dusk IOP) is industry leading in its own right having been built from the ground up as mobile first and API enabled. The Dusk IOP makes it easy to create, dispatch, track and invoice work in real time. Instead of spreadsheets and emails, the Dusk IOP automates manual processes and creates a “single pane of glass” where your operations team, your technicians, and your customers all have the visibility and control to predictably achieve, consistent, and better outcomes.


And the Dusk IOP integrates seamlessly with the tools you use today. From HubSpot and Xero to Quickbooks and Dropbox, we have built a solution designed to adapt and grow with your needs. The Dusk IOP is your central hub, designed for collaboration between all parties rather than just a tool for management.


Our software solutions include cloud-based dashboards and connected, configurable mobile apps. You have the power to create, assign, and manage work in real time from the office or the field. For businesses with technicians and teams in the field, that means efficient and reliable communications between jobsites, on-premises teams, and customers.


We are passionate about what we do, and we love helping customers achieve success. Connect with us today, we are always happy to chat!


Working with our team at Dusk Mobile you get:

Power – Create better operations by automating how you schedule and dispatch work

Visibility – Make it easy to manage teams and share progress with customers/stakeholders

Control – Improve data quality, power better communications, and keep jobs on schedule

Value – Increase cash flow by automating closeout-to-invoice cycles


Who wins with Dusk Mobile? Utilities, Utility sub-contractors, Construction Managers, large Plumbing companies, HVAC, and Electrical Contracting companies, Construction Managers and Project Managers with large distributed teams.