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forecasting, financials and management

Projects and Program Management

Managing projects and programs of work requires the right information and the right time. Exceptions need to be highlighted for addressing early. Whether its a small internal project using a few of your team to large capital works spanning months and into the years, a software solution is instrumental to managing the outcome.



From setup through managing to closeout, there are many moving parts and that’s when a project goes well. If a project has challenges and change requests start piling in, having access to track them and workflows for approvals is one less item to worry about. Based on the size of the project and experience with other products on the market, as a project manager you might prefer a Task list view or a Gantt view or even a Kanban view now. Being able to choose and have the flexibility to collaborate in the browser across teams delivers value quickly.



Managing costs across different resource types, including T&M, materials, tasks and internal and external labour can be a struggle without a platform. We’ve made it easy by providing the capability to create ad hoc items or select from inventory right through to different rates for internal and external labour. This all comes together to provide visibility into your project. Costs can be submitted from both the Dusk IOP web platform or the Dusk IOP app.



Capturing and managing time accurately is critical and we’ve designed the Dusk IOP to facilitate that. From breaking down time at the task level right down to the resource percentage through to daily or weekly time confirmations. Dashboards give a clear view of your project or program from a time perspective and allow for clear, straight forward reviewing of exceptions.

Project Management Platform

Forecast and assign tasks to the most suitably skilled and available resources using the Dusk IOP. Resolve conflicts from a single screen at the click of a button.

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Using off-the-shelf dashboards in the Dusk IOP, see a snapshot of all your projects, resources, financials and more.

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Success Stories

How to reward customers for behavioural change

The project aimed to monitor the energy consumption of the registered participants over the summer months. Monitoring consumption via the portal led to incentives being provided for reduced power usage on peak demand days.