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Collaborative Programs and Projects

real time management for accurate forecasting and delivery

A single source of truth for you and your team to work together, with chronological history.

Assign Tasks to internal staff, contractors or even groups with easy to differentiate colours and icons.

Set reminders and workflows to automatically notify team members who are at risk of missing deadlines.

Built in time estimating of tasks, so you get accurate and up-to-date workloads for resources.

Increase your billable hours and automate project accounting

All resources in one place in their own lists, for a single pane of glass view.

Assign owners, deadlines and reminders so you know who is due to deliver and by when.

Alerts and notifications for assignees ensure the right information is available for actioning.

Colour coded by priority and feature rich for visibility and forecasting.

Quick and easy to create project templates. Maintain and reference in future.

Create your own tags for searching and for finding information after the fact.

Anyone with access to the project in future has all information at their finger tips.

Save the project as a template for export or copy it to save time on project start up.

Resource planning and management made easy

Easy resource planning with colour coded resource conflicts for fast resolution.

Easily view your Gantt chart showing who is working on which task, predecessors, successors and dependencies.

Adjust timelines and constraints at the click of a button.

Use our import wizard to bring your Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft Project files in today.

Quick resource planning and coordination software, with multiple views

Create custom views for forecasting and managing project financials, including WIP reports.

Allocate costs to labour, materials and more then compare budget vs actuals in a single view

Automatic updates as your project resources book time to the project and materials are used.

Create your own company branded financial reports and automate them being sent to stakeholders.

Risk management for every project is different.

Define a risk matrix using colour coded drop down fields that feed into multiple risk types,

Categorise each risk on your project easily.

The easiest and most straight forward way to set your project risks up.

Agile planning and delivery for teams, enabling easy visualisation and prioritisation of tasks.

Web based project management with drag ‘n’ drop functionality for  task management.

Your Scrum teams can take action and have the changes reflected on the overall project status update.

Multiple views for Teams and Project Managers with updates in real time.

Or see it all in under 5 minutes

More Features

  • A single source for Gantt view, Task view, Financials and more
  • View Issues, Risks, Change Requests centrally
  • Flexible licensing, including for limited use
  • No code design for business users to work with
  • Colour code tasks for easy identification
  • Create Tags and Keyword searches for all projects
  • SaaS Subscription or Perpetual licence model
  • Dynamic HTML5 platform and native applications on iOS and Android
  • Link out to SharePoint and other document stores
  • AWS Cloud Storage or your own storage

More Benefits

  • Design your own project templates and save them
  • Start from your existing files, import .mpp or .csv
  • Summary view showing all statuses, traffic lights and actions
  • Automated deadline reminders, the IOP Project Management module does it all
  • All data is hosted in Australia with guaranteed Service Level Agreements
  • Single Sign On to utilise existing security infrastructure
  • Automatic Reporting – Email, PDF & Digital Dashboard
  • Manage projects as agile or waterfall.
  • Connect to HubSpot, Xero, Dropbox and more. Act on triggers to create projects!
  • Confirm time from anywhere with the Dusk IOP app, at the job and task level.
  • All your work types in a single platform providing a complete capacity view, so you can ensure skills and resources are fully utilised and conflicts resolved.
  • Long range resource forecasts provide for capacity management. Manage your capital works projects through to small intra team jobs and work from the Program Management level down to Projects and tasks.
  • Complex multi task jobs through to single check list field tasks.
Ethan M.
Ethan M.
A game-changer for centralized communications and company-wide visibility into operations Overall: It's been a great experience. We were managing our field teams with a couple of tools and a lot of spreadsheets and emails. Now we have a centralized communications platform that's making everyone's lives easier. Our field teams love it because they don't feel like they are disconnected from the office. In operations, we love that we have got everything we need to manage the field and to communicate with other teams. If your operations team is getting bombarded with calls or emails asking about work progress, or jobs are not getting done because of broken communications you should get Dusk. It will just make everyone's lives easier. Pros: Dusk IOP centralized our workforce communications, and that has been a game-changer. Our operations team was constantly getting emails and calls from other teams and the executive staff asking about the progress of work, trying to understand issues, etc. Now everyone can see all of that in one place. Our technicians are more productive because they know where to be and when and have an app that captures their progress in real time. At the same time, we have dashboards and tools that give everyone in the office visibility into that work and its progress. Ultimately, that means we can do a better job for our customers and that's where we see the real value. Our customer satisfaction rates are up significantly since we started using Dusk IOP. Cons: I would say that moving to any digital platform for FSM will require significant commitment. Dusk has amazing tools and features (we keep discovering new ones), but you have to invest the time and effort to make those valuable for your organization. They were super-helpful in the setup process, but it does take time and effort. So I wouldn't say it is hard to use or setup, I would just say those things take some time.
Mia P.
Mia P.
Dusk IOP Review - AP Pros: Integrates with Hubspot, has field management and [sensitive content hidden] is a pleasure to work with Cons: The forms are really hard to understand and navigate
Nick D.
Nick D.
Data capture and workflow automation Overall: In building solutions for clients, it is important I can work closely with a software provider. Dusk IOP took time to really understand the brief, develop a bespoke solution and ensure it was effectively rolled out. It has been a great experience to date. Pros: I engaged Dusk IOP to design and build a way of capturing and evaluating information which is key to a large project we are currently working on. They built a solution in a very timely manner and created forms and workflows which are easy to use for the teams on the ground and effective in capturing the required information. Cons: The scope of work was completed thoroughly and can be easily adapted if we need to make changes over time.
Michelle W.
Michelle W.
Pilot Progam Overall: Great experience would recommend to any company looking for new software and setup Pros: Easy to use, approachable company, knowledgeable staff Cons: I had a few questions but these were answered quickly so no down time
Alex G.
Alex G.
From Dawn to Dusk Overall: Pretty easy to use even for new users, features and options are easy to select and the ease in scalability provided by the software is intuitive and seamless. Pros: The ease of use, seamless scalability, compatibility to other softwares, applicability to our needs and great degree of customisation. Cons: The software is perfect for our organisation.
Jon R.
Jon R.
Allowing insights into our business and highly accommodating development team Overall: Whilst we are in the very early stages of rolling out Dusk IOP to the workforce I have been continuously impressed with the responsiveness of [SENSITIVE CONTENT] and the team. We have been informed of all progress and any issues have been resolved within a quick timeframe. Pros: The customer service has been great. We've had a few features added to tailor the platform to our business and having the ability to change/add features to the software (where possible) is a huge plus to us. The gant chart overview of all projects is a great feature for our management to overview progress as well as the availability of personnel and how this is highlighted with any conflicts. Cons: We are still getting used to the platform and it does take a little while to remember where things are and what they are called but over time this will become second nature.DU
Francisco G.
Francisco G.
Dusk and Drones Pros: I really liked being able to assign skills to my teams. Each person has a certain area of expertise and I could match that to the job I had to complete. Cons: We worked with the dusk team to better incorporate the routing features for our use.
Keith G.
Keith G.
Great Tool Overall: Alan was great and negotiable. Met our needs and worked with us on pricing. Pros: The ease of use, compatibility to other software, and applicability to our needs. Cons: More USA compatible. Needs updated maps of US and metric conversions.
Ray P.
Ray P.
The Best of Both Worlds With Room To Scale Overall: Overall I really like Dusk and see a ton of potential for us in the UAV industry. As a company we cater to various industries all the time and Dusk allows us to not only see a 5000 ft level but get into the fine details very quickly to see the lack of communication or the perfect execution. Nobody in your team can hide from the project from forms to tasks to even the job features in the app when they are on the field. Love the potential and scalability Dusk will be able to do with us here at Ozone. Pros: I like best about this software is the ability to tailor it to your own operations from pre planning, accountability, visibility and client delivery. Dusk does it all. Cons: The learning curve of Dusk is very steep though if you have been around other project management software's you will be able to navigate the various windows, features and options. Word of advice take your time and go through each feature and test implement that into your daily workflow as it will reveal either the lack of or expand into your operations scalability.
Mark S.
Mark S.
Dusk IOP Overall: Fantastic support throughout the journey. I like that there the modules are interconnected and that the date flows easily. I really like the strong API capabilities. Dusk's industry experience is evident when conversing with them and they really understand client need. Pros: The simplicity and easy of navigation. Dashboards have also been very well thought out and are relevant to a large majority of industries. Cons: I did not see any cons with this product. My needs were met.

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