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Bench Power has been designed by our clients for our clients. After spending time with our clients understanding everything from challenges with sourcing skilled mobility focused staff in regional locations, restrictions on seating capacity, digital maturity within the organisation or IT through to specific engagement models that suit the organisation at that time, we have designed the Bench Power product. We support your organisation to digitally enable by providing resources for specific engagement durations. Bench Power is our proprietary portal and app enabling you to manage resources as projects are initiated.

Features of Bench Power

  • Acknowledging the challenges of securing suitably skilled staff onsite in geographic locations and the limitations of long term FIFO staff.
  • Enabling your organisation to build Bench Strength
  • Supplement approved projects with suitably skilled resources
  • Availability at 2 weeks notice in most instances
  • Agile or DevOps approach
  • Organisation transformational experience where possible
  • Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile experience available

Mobility Staff

  • Business Analysts
  • iOS Developers
  • Android Developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Testers
  • Readily skilled resource pool
  • Flexibility to ramp up and down as required
  • Onsite as required
  • Offsite in Melbourne
  • Offshore development in Kolkata
  • For developers, aligning their development skillset and their software tools with that of your internal team
  • Headed by internal Project Managers or Scrum Masters or by the Dusk team

Specific Vendor Skillsets

  • Salesforce Staff
  • SharePoint Staff
  • SAP Staff

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Our customer was looking for a skilled partner to support their technology solutions across web and mobile with strict SLA's