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Mobile Form Builder

design your own forms with easy drag 'n' drop

Sample Templates Available

Job Safety Assessments (JSA)
Reactive Work – Issuing, Completion & Closeout
Gas, Electricity and Water Meter Reads
Vegetation Management
Asset Inspection
Equipment Field Audit
Work From Home (WFH) Audit
Planned Works – Short Cycle
Planned Works – Long Cycle
Defect Management
And many more!

The quality of field service operations and management have come to depend on mobility solutions in a big way. Interestingly, nearly 50% companies of the $3.5 billion field service management market still use traditional, paper-based methods.


One of the challenges the industry faces is the investment required to mobile enable their field technicians, staff and crews. In many examples, the business case doesn’t stack up due to a handful of staff and only a costly solution with specialists required to configure it.


Dusk Mobile saw this opportunity and designed our Mobile Form Builder from the ground up for the Business User. Enabling our customers to grow at their own pace, using existing internal resources to design and deploy smart mobile forms. The fields in the Mobile Form Builder module are smart and designed to make the lives of those using the product easier, not harder.


Our dynamic Mobile Form Builder tool uses a WYSIWYG interface, allowing you to “drag ‘n’ drop” fields, so you can see just how your field staff will see the forms. Designed for the business user to build forms that capture data for key business functions and complete jobs in the field. All fields from text to photos, video to signatures. Experience the benefits, and stay a step ahead in your industry.

User Friendly

Use simple, highly responsive drag-and-drop gestures to build your very own digital forms. The Mobile Form Builder adds additional levels of agility and scalability to the entire field task.

Completely Customisable

Businesses can have diverse field service data requirements. That’s precisely why the Mobile Form Builder tool has been made fully configurable. Use it the way you need it.

Build once, deploy to many

The digital forms you work with are linearly designed, and are generally in an easy-to-understand top-down format. The strong integration with backend databases is yet another advantage.

Mobile First

Field data capture is made easier and more insightful than ever by the Mobile Form Builder tool. The digital forms can be rendered with ease on mobile devices, with offline data storage available for those out of coverage areas.

Customer Focused

With our Mobile Form Builder, you can look forward to significant improvements in service efficiency levels. That, in turn, will generate better end-user experiences and more productive workflows.

Multi Industry

The Mobile Form Builder can be used to enhance the field service management for multiple industry verticals – from retail to healthcare, from inspection services to transportation & utilities, and from oil & gas to finance.

Switch To The Mobile Form Builder. Give Your Field Services The Dusk Mobile Edge.