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What I like best about this software is the ability to tailor it to your own operations from pre planning, accountability, visibility and client delivery. Dusk does it all and was the only product on the market for us that would allow us to seamlessly bring sales, operations and field management in a viewable accountable situation from office staff to field staff all in one dashboard. Love it! – Ray, Ozone

In the Utilities and Mining industry, the challenges of managing extensive field operations, ensuring safety, and maintaining efficiency are significant. The Dusk IOP, with its dual capabilities as both field service management and project management software, addresses these industry-specific challenges directly:



Outage Management: The platform can reduce outage response times by up to 30% by enabling real-time visibility and dynamic rerouting of field technicians.



Customer Satisfaction: Improve response times and communication to enhance customer satisfaction scores by 15-20%.



Operational Efficiency: Our automated scheduling and dispatch can increase the productivity of field crews by approximately 25%, reducing idle times and optimizing resource allocation.



Equipment Uptime: Proper scheduling and maintenance facilitated by the Dusk IOP can improve equipment uptime by 10-15%, crucial for continuous operations.



Safety Compliance: Enhanced tracking and reporting features can reduce safety incidents by up to 20%, ensuring closer adherence to safety protocols.



Cost Savings: Streamlined operations and maintenance can lead to cost savings of 5-10% through better resource management and reduced downtime.

Figure showing how utilities and mining industries is harnessing the power of dusk

Outage Management

With real-time communication and collaboration, in remote and often harsh working environments, maintaining communication between the field and central operations is crucial. The Dusk IOP provides a platform for real-time communication and collaboration, enabling field workers to access critical information, report issues, and update job statuses on the go. This keeps everyone informed and facilitates quick decision-making.

Customer Satisfaction

By utilizing real-time updates and dynamic scheduling, customers can receive timely and accurate information regarding service issues and estimated resolution times. This transparency not only builds trust but also helps manage customer expectations effectively. Additionally, the platform enables utilities to send automated notifications and allows customers to interact directly through a dedicated customer portal, further enhancing satisfaction by keeping them informed and engaged throughout the resolution process. These improvements can lead to a 15-20% increase in customer satisfaction scores, turning potentially negative experiences into opportunities for positive engagement and loyalty building.

Customer Service and NPS
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Operational Efficiency

Efficient Resource Allocation and Scheduling by coordinating a widespread field workforce and ensuring they are deployed effectively can be challenging. The Dusk IOP optimizes scheduling and dispatching, ensuring the right personnel with the right skills are assigned to the right jobs at the right time, improving response times and operational efficiency.

Equipment Uptime

Asset Management and Maintenance for managing the lifecycle of critical assets and ensuring their optimal performance is paramount. Dusk IOP enables you to track and manage your assets in real-time, schedule preventive maintenance, and quickly address repairs, minimizing downtime and extending asset life. This ensures that your operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

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streamlining field operations

Safety Compliance

Adhering to strict regulatory standards and ensuring the safety of your workforce are critical concerns. Dusk IOP helps you maintain compliance with industry regulations by keeping detailed records of safety procedures, incident reports, and compliance documentation. It enables you to implement and monitor safety protocols, reducing the risk of accidents and regulatory penalties.

Cost Savings

Project Tracking and Performance Monitoring of managing large-scale projects with multiple stakeholders, timelines, and budgets is a complex task. Dusk IOP offers comprehensive project management features, allowing you to monitor project progress, manage budgets, and track performance against KPIs. This ensures that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required standards.

Dusk Mobile Time Sheet Management

Success Stories

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The project aimed to monitor the energy consumption of the registered participants over the summer months. Monitoring consumption via the portal led to incentives being provided for reduced power usage on peak demand days.

Operations leaders from the world’s most demanding industries trust Dusk Mobile to deliver for flexibility, visibility and control

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