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Customer Communication

communicate with your customers the way they want

The Dusk IOP SMS functionality has been developed for companies or businesses that either need to, or wish to manage communications to and from their customers via SMS, and do so via other non-digital means currently. Use cases include alerts, questionnaires, ‘pulse checks’ and surveys amongst others. Full reporting of engagements are available via email, pdf and our digital dashboard included – all included in the monthly SaaS package.

This product is currently assisting companies across the finance, retail and utilities industries in improving their customer’s experiences, saving costs in communications, and improving the business process by making customer engagement more efficient – as customer responses are displayed in real time, eliminating the need for duplicate, and manual legacy data entry process.

And – like all Dusk IOP data – the information is both secure and searchable, allowing you to see where your wins and pain-points are, and improve your support features to minimise future enquiries.

The Problem

  • High cost for activites with a low financial return
  • Delays in communication exchanges
  • Bad Customer experiences, and missed opportunities due to internal transfers on inbound calls, and a lack of transparency to the customer’s real time engagement history
  • Customer frustration in finding the FAQ and support center information unhelpful, incomplete, or outdated
  • Duplicate and manual data entry processes
  • Human error

The Solution

  • Automation of engagment activities, including a series of pre-configured templates enabling you to send out a personalised SMS, including a short web link, leading to a full mobile first experience designed around corporate and usability guidelines
  • Deliver a personalised SMS to request customer feedback following an incident or interaction, recontracting, renewals, payments, claim reporting, instructions or any other ‘response required’ initiatives
  • Notification emails containing the consolidated customer responses, as well as the individual detailed customer responses in real time displayed on the IOP SMS Connect dashboard

The Features

  • Automate Communication
  • Personalised or Branded SMS
  • Manage unsubscribes
  • Full reporting via email, pdf and digital dashboard
  • CRM Integration or stand alone with CSV Upload
  • E-signatures
  • Algorithms

The Benefits

  • Increase revenue via retention, while saving costs v’s traditional engagment methods
  • Contact a wide range of customers with personalised and branded messages – and increase customer engagement
  • Engage in real time to improve customer experience
  • Eliminate the duplicate and manual legacy data entry process
  • ‘Smart saving’ of linked webforms enables the customer to start and stop, until final completion
  • Digitise existing business processes
  • Realise opportunities to offer existing customers additional products and services
  • Business ROI can be quickly realised

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