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Sales & Merchandising

smart planning, quick data capture and insights
Sales and Merchandising software for Reps - In Store

Enable your Merchandisers and Reps, back-office operations, and customers to collaborate under the same virtual roof in real time.  IOP is a scalable platform to gain visibility, actionable insights, intelligence, and automation for your Sales and Merchandising Teams. Your business operates in a price sensitive environment with thin margins, so efficiency, optimisation and value are key.

Tasks and Jobs vary by the day, so a flexible solution that caters for high volume workloads with minimal field training allows you to quickly scale up and down for promotions, campaigns and projects to be at the forefront of the Sales and Mechandising industry.

The Challenges We Help You Overcome

The right software can automate and streamline your Sales and Merchandising business. Our IOP solution supports:

    • Removal of manual planning, challenging replanning and legacy scheduling of work
    • Variations on customer promotions needing different information quickly
    • Introducing new brands to stores easily
    • Showing overcapacity and/or underutilisation of resources
    • In field job creation for ad hoc in store tasks
    • Auto generation of Daily logs with store visits and work completed
    • Payroll integration or export for payroll
    • Permission based multi filter Import & Export of data
    • Uploading and storage of photos to your software or utilise the inbuilt capability
    • Staff management including rosters, shifts and upcoming work
    • Inbuilt map based tools for Reps on the road and back in the office for analysis

Using our Quick Start plan, increase productivity by creating repeatable cycles for tasks. No IT Developers required with our “No Code” interface, just drag ‘n’ drop and have your team mobile in no time. Set and forget! This digital solution is a game-changer for your business with benefits visible from day 1. With real-time cost management, process automation and in app training videos for field staff.

Automation for Sales and Merchandising

At Dusk Mobile, we are committed to providing you with streamlined, end-to-end digital solutions and services – ideally suited for your business requirements. Right from campaigns and projects through to cyclical store visits – our solutions help your business grow and deliver value to your customers.

Analytics Access

See how your SLA’s and KPI’s are tracking any time with powerful dashboard insights delivered to your hand. Automated workflows and potential missed call alerting built in, allowing you as a leader to focus on running your team or business unit.

Seamless Automation

Given the labour-intensive nature of a number of tasks in this industry, process automation can give a significant boost to efficiencies. Real time data back from stores including photos and results. Add value to your customers with their own portal access and alerts.

Customer Insights

Deliver a greater level of detail into buying behaviour and your customers competitors. From promotions to placement, provide rich data that adds value and to the bottom line across multiple campaigns or projects.

Optimised Resource Utilisation

Using configurable smarts in the technology, you can sequence and prioritise based on your business model. Send the right Reps to the right stores at the right time. Setup Rosters and Shifts to help your Reps plan their weeks.

Customer Experiences

Your customers expect industry leading customer service. Measure performance, seek feedback and review all customer accounts using the inbuilt suite of SMS and Email tools within IOP. Reward and recognise staff accordingly.

Future Orientated

Grow your business with more data-driven insights as your team uses IOP. In-depth analytics are used to plan optimised routes to reduce travel time, contain costs and deliver superior services. Even receive suggestions through Machine Learning (ML) based on data collected.

IOP from Dusk Mobile is a comprehensive toolset for planning, scheduling and easy integration to your existing processes. This allows you to run an optimised business and add value to your Sales and Merchandising customers with powerful insights and much more.

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