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Asset Management

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Form Builder - Assets - Backend - Dusk IOP

Large Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform’s do a great job of managing assets for big businesses but if you’re a smaller business without the budget or resources to manage a platform of that size, the Dusk IOP is a powerful, dynamic alternative. Starting with designing the tables to match your data structure before using the import wizard to import your spreadsheets, XML files or connecting via API, you can take care of the full asset lifecycle and even send your resources out to inspect or audit them.

The Dusk IOP is a smarter and more efficient solution than spreadsheets for tracking and managing your assets. Beyond the likelihood of human error, staying with outdated asset management tools also leads to escalating costs and potential compliance challenges. The Dusk IOP is multi-featured, end-to-end asset management software

Our Asset Management capability provides your teams with a single view of Asset information, which can even be surfaced up from core backend systems including GIS, SCADA, AIMS and other external data sources. 

The Challenges

  • Historically done on spreadsheets or in large EAM tools.
  • Legacy AIMS with limited ability to present data on a web interface
  • Compliance problems.
  • No, or very little, information visibility.
  • Time-consuming & risk of errors.

The Key Features

  • Availability of historical asset data for reference.
  • Easy data retrieval (with ‘Form Builder’ or ‘Scheduling & Dispatch’)
  • Real-time functionality.
  • Saves time.

The Solution

  • API Driven for clean, straight forward connectivity
  • Switch to an industry leading asset management platform or connect to an existing solution
  • Real-time asset tracking.
  • Higher productivity; Better customer service.
  • Streamlined asset maintenance and related costs.

The Benefits

  • Reduction in non compliant assets by 20%.
  • Operational efficiencies of more than 30% (including automation).
  • Efficient management of work requests.
  • Greater information visibility & availability.
  • Asset risk/Service risk mitigation.
  • Compatible with Mobile and Web.
  • 100% secure integration in your data centre or ours.

See how to maximise your asset lifecycle