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Buying and Licencing

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your field service management software licenced?

We offer 2 types of licence models. Per user, per month or platform based. Per user per month licences are a monthly or annual subscription for your nominated user numbers. We also understand that many businesses have variable workforces in a given month, so we work with that via our platform licence. Our sales team will work with you to provide a quotation for 12 months. The platform licence is reviewed annually to ensure both parties are getting value. During the 12 months, any number of named users can exist in your Dusk IOP instance. Multiple people cannot share a login with either plan.


Our field service management software is licenced by features and can be found on our plans page here.

What do I get access to in the 14 day trial?

The trial contains access to most features in our platform. It doesn’t contain access to connect up API’s or to our published API. The 14 day trial comes with a 1 hour discovery and setup session and no credit card is required. Technical support is not offered to trial customers. Your trial instance can be retained for your production setup or the data can be cleared by request for you to start fresh.

Do you offer different licences for Education, Not For Profits and Government organisations?

Yes we do. Please contact our Sales team here with your institution details and requirements or contact them on +61 (0)3 8679 2208.

How do I cancel my contract?

Of course we don’t want to lose any customers but some circumstances mean it is unavoidable. Annual contracts can be cancelled up to 30 days before your renewal date. Monthly contracts can be cancelled 7 days before end of month.

Can I customise or add enhancements to my Dusk IOP instance?

Yes you can. Our field service management platform is a “no code” platform, meaning we have put the hard work in so our customers benefit from it. We understand customers do want specific changes and we cater for that:

  • If one or more other customers want the same functionality, we’ll co-fund it with you as it saves our customers money and our software engineering team save on development effort.
  • If no one else wants it, that’s ok! It just means you can have more creative input.

What training is offered on your platform?

This is our core focus. Without this, product adoption often fails, so we include a training component in our setup services:

  • Administrator Training – how to setup the Dusk IOP, day to day management of the platform, working with the Dusk Mobile Customer Success Team (CST)
  • End User Training (Role based) – how to perform the task at hand from planning and scheduling, field completion of forms, app navigation and more
  • Training Types – Most of our training is virtual, which means we keep costs down and offer more flexibility. By request we can offer in person training. We also offer explainer video snippets for users to reference along with a Glossary and Tips ‘n’ Tricks through the platform and app plus a full Support Wiki that is regularly updated.

Can you provide me a quote?

Yes, please contact our Sales team here with your requirements or contact them on +61 (0)3 8679 2208 and one can be prepared accordingly.

How do I get started with Dusk Mobile?

 Call, Email or Social: