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Time & Attendance

a true picture of time per resource, project and customer

Design your own timesheets that replicate your existing paper or PDF forms with the flexible Dusk IOP Time and Attendance capability. Know exactly what, when, where, who, why and how your teams are performing from the office or the field. Even configure timesheets that meet your customer requirements, with single click approve or reject validation by your management. With built in connectors, easily synchronise with calendars from Microsoft, Apple or Google to remove duplicate data entry.


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Field Time Management

Our team at Dusk Mobile brings an industry designed, completely scaleable time management tool kit. It offers in-depth insights on resourcing, expenses and allocations – and helps you and your team make the most of time! Integration to projects and customers for billable time is provided out of the box.


Both the mobile application and the back office capability have been designed in conjunction with our customers. This has resulted in an easy to use,  minimal amount of options user interface but with the most amount of accuracy, as referenced by our customers.


Tap to enter time anywhere

Office Time Management

With effective time management your business can track and forecast with accuracy. Planning and implementing of projects in a smarter fashion to ensure optimal utilisation of available resources (technical and non-technical), and bolster your overall productivity & efficiency.


Irrespective of the size of your corporate house and whether your business has an hourly billing system or not, the Dusk time management software platform can be seamlessly implemented and used by all types of enterprises.

Sync Time

Across your business are a variety of systems and tools where your team spend time. Connecting and synchronising them means you achieve an “all of job” effort, the full picture. So when you quote new work or just invoice existing work, you see the effort and where it goes and what it costs you.

Single-tap time entry is a key feature of the user-oriented web and mobile app – and we have integrated plugins from Jira, Salesforce APIs and SAP to send information straight back in. It is easy to use and setup, relieving you of paperwork and duplicate processes.

Connected Time and Attendance Software

The Benefits

  • Staff profitability on jobs and projects
  • Resource forecasting
  • Submit Leave Requests from anywhere
  • Confirm time to projects and clients in a click
  • Capture Expenses and LAFHA and WAFHA details
  • Smooth time-tracking and time-report updating.
  • Higher workplace transparency.
  • Capture Travel Time and Tool Time separately
  • Elimination of paper and duplicate manual reconciliation
  • Increased productivity

Why Is Time Management Important For You?

Accurate time management needs no introductions. With our industry best practice, user-friendly tool kit, you will be able to bolster productivity, improve profitability, manage deadlines better, increase workplace transparency levels, and offer greater employee empowerment. The Timesheet Management module facilitates effortless time capture across multiple fronts – so that you stay in charge, all the time.

Are you ready for a new era of efficiency and performance?


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