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Client Portals

Helping you deliver more value to your clients

The configurable Dusk IOP client portal ensures regular, seamless client interactions – and to help you deliver just what your clients need. Add value to your contracts by capturing additional information for your clients and provide it through their portal view. Reduce call traffic and have your clients request jobs and tasks themselves. Move to a service orientated model that works for both parties.

Providing your clients self serve online, reduces calls, improves service and saves significant costs. Dusk IOP clients who have enabled their customers clients to self serve, moving them away from inbound calls, results in the permanent elimination of on average 10% of inbound calls.


  • Push notifications
  • SMS integration for alert notifications.
  • Email contacts.
  • Real-time updates through web or app.
  • Smooth connectivity to existing IT infrastructure.
  • Robust security & data protection.


  • Introduce self services and eliminate 10% of inbound calls
  • Capture customer insights for analysis and improvements
  • Create customer stickiness
  • Automate reports saving hours of manual preparation
  • Provide data in the format your customer needs
  • Faster job closeout and shorter invoice cycles


Configured for you

The Dusk IOP Client Portals can be configured to serve the exact customer-handling requirements of your company. Our solutions help in generating a user-friendly, collaborative environment.

Efficient Management

Broadly speaking, a full-featured client portal has three most important perspectives – Form, Access and Content. Our product offers a unified experience by optimally handling these areas.

Intuitive, Integrated Designs

The Dusk IOP client portal serves as a holistic communications system for your business. The overall layout is easy to understand and operate, with SMS, email and push notification technologies available to compliment it.

Permission-Based Controls

With a client portal being 24×7, interactions and requests for work can occur anytime night or day. Access permissions are granted on the basis of user roles.


Exceptional Customer Service

For uniformly high buyer-satisfaction and retention, you need to deliver top-notch services…that ‘wow’ factor…every single time. With your Client Portal in place, you can address all types of demands and queries – quickly and accurately.


Enhanced Usability Functionality

Simple, fast and effective – these are the three terms that describe the Dusk IOP Client Portal. Simple – your customer has to be able to find the information they need, Fast – time is money for you and your customers, Effective – your customers need to see value, find the information they’re looking for be able to request jobs easily.


The next level for your Customers

With regular, insightful customer interactions through the portal, you can accelerate the overall pace of your business. Our solution is feature-rich, easy to deploy – and all post-deployment needs are covered by us. If you wish to give your brand recognition and loyalty levels a boost, you simply cannot miss out on the customer portal tool(s) designed by Team Dusk.

Success Stories

How to reward customers for behavioural change

The project aimed to monitor the energy consumption of the registered participants over the summer months. Monitoring consumption via the portal led to incentives being provided for reduced power usage on peak demand days.

Deliver even more value to your Clients