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Contract Management

powerful customer engagement with real time delivery and responses
  • Digital Recontracting has been developed by Dusk Mobile for organisations that either need to, or wish to contact their customers by SMS and receive information back, via digital means.
  • With postage costs rising and inboxes rapidly filling, digital recontracting is becoming a choice of businesses across Australia.
  • Pre-configured templates to send out a personalised SMS including a short web link, with a full mobile first experience.
  • Personalised SMS to request customer feedback following an incident or interaction, recontracting, renewals, payments, claim reporting, instructions or other response required initiatives.

The Problem

  • Delays in receiving responses
  • Missed opportunities
  • Finding the FAQ and support center information unhelpful, incomplete, or outdated
  • Poor customer engagement
  • High cost for low financial return transactions
  • Human error
  • Duplicate data entry
  • Phone tag
  • High volume voice transactions

The Features

  • Automated Communication
  • Secured User Access
  • Notification emails containing the consolidated customer responses
  • Personalised SMS templates
  • Real time summary of customer responses using series of graphs
  • Full reporting via email, pdf and digital dashboard
  • CRM Integration
  • Integrated credit card payment facility
  • E-signatures

The Solution

  • Evaluation of customer attributes to decide which customers to contact with the offer and which offers to put forward
  • Proactive and tailored offers to customers nearing contract expiry
  • Upsell tools using algorithms to derive additional value from customers
  • Displaying customer responses in real time
  • Eliminating the duplicate and manual legacy data entry process
  • The end customer is able to complete their personalised questionnaire at their leisure, quicker than on paper and return to it at any stage before the due date
  • A link to renew and a link to pay, all on mobile

The Benefits

  • Cost Effective
  • Remove barriers between your customer and the information they need thereby increasing customer engagement
  • Instantly send the information that customers need – contracts, invoices, documents plus more
  • Address liquidity issues and minimise delays
  • Preserve online transaction integrity
  • Upsell products, services and contracts
  • Improve understanding of the customer’s responses
  • Efficiencies, savings and growth realised quickly