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support plans to grow with your teams and functions

Looking to simplify your mobile ecosystem, use our support team for peace of mind!

The relationships we have with our clients are for the long haul. Emphasis on working with our clients to cater for their support needs is a crucial ingredient in maintaining a strong relationship for Dusk Mobile.

Maintaining a mobile app requires skills, experience and vision. Dusk Mobile uses a variety of communication and collaboration tools to provide the best app support to small, medium and large organisations, who already have apps built but are struggling to maintain them.


The Dusk support team takes care of investigating and addressing any incidents and issues with production apps, adhering to strict corporate SLA’s. In addition to this, the team assess and respond to security vulnerabilities as well as ensure any third party libraries are updated as required.


We also provide proactive testing, quality assurance and regression testing of production apps against new versions of the Operating System releases during beta release, along with addressing minor or major development enhancements on those production apps to ensure business continues as normal for your organisation.


With the professional mobile app support services provided by Dusk Mobile, your company apps will continue to deliver on the investment made.


We also host mobile solutions for clients, which sees mobility receive the attention it deserves. By doing this we find our clients are able to drive the management of solutions, rather than being reliant on an outsourced company and organisation level SLA’s. Mobility requires a new level of support and availability.

Why choose us?

  1. Regularly exceeding client expectations
  2. Single monthly fee per app
  3. Proactive app monitoring and reporting
  4. Direct line of communication to the app support experts
  5. Level 1 mobile app support
  6. Level 2 mobile app support

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