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Field Services for Smart Water

Welcome to the world of smarter utilities
Field Services Software for Smart Meter Replacement Program
Smart Water Meter Replacement Software

The Smart Water Meter toolkit delivers value through:

  • Getting online quickly using industry best practice
  • License and certification workflows
  • Site induction and training workflows
  • Compliance reporting
  • Real time meter read updates
  • Offline (no cellular coverage) functionality
  • Integration to host systems (your own and your partners)
  • Risk assessments
  • Digital run sheets for water meter read, install, audit and fix
  • Reduce cost, improve service and automate your field force

The Challenges That Need To Be Resolved

  • Manual processes involving significant duplicate data entry and rework
  • Rapid field enablement after contracts are awarded
  • Inaccessible large solutions that prevent smaller businesses bidding for work
  • Data residing in silos or different areas of your business
  • No overarching visibility of opportunities being realised
  • You just want a turn key solution to go with
Smart Water Meter Rollout Software

Run smarter with an industry leading solution that offers an ideal balance of reliability, flexibility, performance and affordability.

How can our service model help you?

Meter replacement programs need a solution that has been built on years of industry experience and trusted as the “go to” product.

Smooth Integrations

Our software is offered “as a service” so you only pay for your usage. Prompt setup, prompt results! Automated workflows take care of the rest for you.

Backed By Data

Our configurable solutions excel for the water industry. Leverage highly accurate, real-time metering and other data from the source presented to mobile users

Safety Focus

From licence compliance management, through to skills certification and in-app Glossary plus Tips and Tricks to help your office and field staff stay on top of their game.

Advanced App Capabilities

Our app has been designed with the industry delivering many benefits for those in the field. Examples include capturing the physical meter location, at 1m accuracy and more.

Expert Field Service Management

Plan, schedule and optimise your team quickly and easily. Pre-built SWMS, Risk Assessments, JSEA’s along with real time updates, mean you and your customers are on the same page.

Designed for you

Enough information without having too much and user friendly navigation designed for all users. “the best mobile experience I have seen for a workforce management product” is an accolade we’re proud of.

``the best mobile experience I've seen for a workforce management product``

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Success Stories

How to reward customers for behavioural change

The project aimed to monitor the energy consumption of the registered participants over the summer months. Monitoring consumption via the portal led to incentives being provided for reduced power usage on peak demand days.