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PO’s Quotes, Invoices & RFQ’s

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The Sales Orders functionality in the Dusk IOP includes, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Invoices and Request For Quotations (RFQ’s). This functionality is available independently of the Projects module or tightly integrated for a true financial picture. Using the additional Dusk IOP financials connector, your documents can be created as drafts in your financial platform, removing duplicate data entry and creating a single view.

Send RFQ’s to one or more supplier at a time and have them sit against your projects as required for an accurate picture of job costs. Say goodbye to paper and spreadsheets with fully-automated quoting. Save time with pre-defined templates, keep accurate records and easily track your different sales orders documents.


Success Stories

Quotes, Invoices, PO’s, RFQ’s

Flexible workflows move your documents through stages. Synchronisation with finance platforms for codes and clients removes duplication and speeds up accounting significantly. Goods receipting of items against projects automatically deducts costs plus much more. And if it really needs to be printed, the Dusk IOP does nicely too.

Snapshot View

Using our Kanban design, create a view that matches your business or even your CRM solution with configurable headings. As Quotes go out, change the status or drag them across the stages in this view for easy management. From a single pane, see clients, value, status and more.

The Problem

  • Manual process
  • Delays in receiving approvals
  • Risk of human error in data entry
  • Lack of visibility
  • Difficulty with audit and performance measuring

The Solution

  • Digitise the sales orders process
  • Standalone or integrated web based capability
  • Designed for organisations and individuals
  • Create Quotes, Invoices, PO’s and RFQ’s anywhere anytime

The Features

  • Easy to view information about all quotes
  • Create Quotes, Invoices, PO’s and RFQ’s quickly
  • Email to one or more person in a single click
  • Add materials from inventory or ad hoc
  • Allocate to financial codes

The Benefits

  • Remove duplicate data entry
  • Track costs more accurately against projects
  • Enhanced traceability and management of the process
  • Paperless
  • Short ROI

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