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Resource Management

the right people with the right skills in the right roles

Resource Management is at the core of the Dusk IOP. We understand every business is different across internal staff, external contractors, crews, teams and more. The Dusk IOP shows you staff availability, leave balances and all the way through to utilisation from job, task and project management. Built around this are shifts and rostering for a true picture of who, what, when, where, why and how or the 5W+H. The Dusk IOP gives you an end-to-end tool for streamlining resource management across your business.

A 360° Platform For Resource Management

Skills & Certifications

Different companies have different role requirements, and employees can have varied specialised skills. All skills can be effectively managed on our platform. Relevant certifications can be quickly uploaded too.

Job Completion Rules

The people management platform works in tandem with our (Job Schedulr) tool. That, in turn, ensures accurate matching of skills with the precise task requirements. Job completion safely becomes more assured.

Smooth Team Collaboration

The module doubles up as an employee communication portal – ensuring everyone gets all the latest company news and task-related updates. Risks of miscommunication with spreadsheets are done away with.

Key People Analytics

Monitoring employee data and leveraging the same for predictive analysis is an important requirement for present-day enterprises. Our people management platform serves as a multi-featured Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) tool.

Gantt Chart View

Get insightful visual representations of the field service data tracked by the system. With time-based snapshots of employees against work, Gantt Charts are generated. The secure cloud storage feature is also an advantage.

Customisable & Flexible

With high-end API integrations, robust security standards and dynamic HTML5 platform benefits, the module offers a very high level of flexibility. Your enterprise requires custom people data – and that’s precisely what our system offers!

Smarter People Management. Improved Business Performance.

For attaining short and long-term business objectives, and optimising time, money and other resource allocations – the importance of real-time people management is vital. Competition is high… and you need to stay ahead of the game!