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Resource Management

the right people with the right skills in the right roles

Resource Management is at the core of the Dusk IOP. We understand every business is different across internal staff, external contractors, crews, teams and more. The Dusk IOP shows you resource availability, leave balances and all the way through to utilisation for jobs, tasks and projects.

Built around this are shifts and rostering for a true picture of who, what, when, where, why and how or the 5W+H. The Dusk IOP gives you an end-to-end tool for streamlining resource management across your business.


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Smooth Team Collaboration

Resource Management covers many roles. Manage Crews, Staff and External labour through toggle buttons to quickly add and remove as the days, weeks or months change. Even change out the Crew Lead ahead of the job being dispatched.


Reassign work in a couple of clicks. Using our skills analyser, ensure your staff are fully utilised on any given day with configurable colours that match your business requirements.

Field based task management

Resource assignment extends to the field. Through our powerful Dusk IOP app, your Crew lead in the field can assign tasks to their team for completion. Upon completing those tasks, they are consolidated for overall job closeout. Remove the dependency on your Dispatchers for in field tasks.


Once assigned in the field, Crew members receive a job to their device with restricted permissions and limited visibility of other tasks to be performed by other Crew members.

Snapshot Views

Quickly see who is available. Do they have the right skills, are they in training or on leave? Know when to resource up with external labour or add additional resources to a job.


Alerts let you know when skills are expiring and requests have come in from your staff, field or office based. Powerful filters show you the information you need and templated dashboards help you get started.

Gantt Chart View

Drag work onto your resources in day, week or month views through the Dusk IOP Gantt chart capability. Based on your work type, use the inbuilt constraints for dependent tasks to ensure validity. Configurable colours throughout the platform mean your resources are easy to view and manage.


With different time-based snapshots of resources against work, Gantt charts or timeline views are a clean, straight forward view to manage your workloads.

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