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Sample Templates Available

Quotation Approvals
Leave Requests
Document Approvals
Field Data Processing
And many more!

Here is the power to establish a seamless interaction among internal and external stakeholders during key operational management processes. In doing this, you can efficiently network staff to on demand customer needs regardless of their journey stage. Workflow Automation software has been shown to reduce direct costs by more than 30%, cut request and approval cycle times in half, and deliver positive ROI in less than 3 months.


We provide your teams with the capability to implement intelligent workflow solutions to support the workflow of projects in line with your strategies. In achieving this, you will be more prepared to assist your customers and doing so with more insight and awareness.


Integrate activities into a seamless administrative workflow that allows for end-to-end management without a disparity of services and teams. This allows you to greatly increase coordination, consistency and decrease the cost of managing your customers.


To empower a consistent, efficient and streamlined approach to operations management, implement a single enterprise system that centralises and integrates all transactions and workflows pertinent to operations management. Process can then be contained in one system as a source of truth, thereby minimising the disparity and complexity of multiple systems as well as additional effort required to transact from multiple systems.

The Features

  • Drag and Drop setup – no coding required
  • Define your own criteria
  • Assign tasks and approvals
  • Single or Multi tiered flows
  • Parallel or Sequential flows
  • Source data from forms, API’s or flat files

The Benefits

  • Reduced manual manipulation of data that currently consumes significant time
  • Improved cross-functional processes facilitating end-to-end process improvement
  • Automate your operations from conception to completion and look in at any stage
  • Increased collaboration opportunities with your customers and partners
  • Reduce or even eliminate errors and duplicate data entry
  • Remove processing barriers
  • Significantly reduce costs across printing and labour
  • Execute multiple tasks at once with no single point of failure
  • Transform your business to any where, any time and on any device
  • Reduce low value processing tasks and refocus on revenue generating activities

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