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Dynamic Field Service Scheduling and IoT: Visibility and Automation

Dynamic Field Service Scheduling and IoT: Visibility and Automation

We’re proud to work with the FLS – FAST LEAN SMART team and their powerful routing engine and IoT capability to enhance the Dusk IOP next generation field service management platform.


“Field workforce scheduling is becoming increasingly difficult. Managing jobs successfully means dealing with market forces: customer pressures (for an ‘always on’ service), through to cost inflation (across fuel, employees, and materials). An effort to balance these demands before the dispatch, have created cost and customer service risks.” James Alex Waldron


Extending the data capture and connected automation features of the Dusk IOP with FLS VISITOUR dynamic field service scheduling gives regulated industries valuable new tools! Exceed your obligations, use the data to audit and report, and proceed with the confidence to retain skilled operatives through balanced workloads.


The Dusk IOP enables customers, suppliers, office and field staff to work seamlessly together. Configurable by business user teams to easily retrieve data from core systems. Then plan, schedule and automate workforce actions in real time.


We look forward to collectively welcoming new customers and continuing to work closely with our valued existing customers in Australia, the USA and the UK.


Dusk Mobile is a supplier to public sector and private organisations who have distributed workforces, helping them to realise the benefits of automation, optimisation and real time visibility.


More on our Next Generation Field Service Management platform can be found here and how we can help your business.


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