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Next Generation Workforce Management

an end-to-end user friendly connected platform to improve productivity

Built by the industry for the industry, the Intelligent Operations Platform (IOP) is a leading SaaS Workforce Management platform for Field Service Management professionals. It enables your customers, suppliers, office and field staff to work seamlessly together. As a leading Workforce Management platform, IOP is configurable by your teams to easily retrieve data from your core systems. Then plan, schedule and automate your workforce actions in real time. A multifaceted Workforce Management Platform, IOP provides for your business or project teams to quickly and easily, with no help from IT to prove or disprove a hypothesis with introducing technology to a particular process. ROI is measured and a positive (or negative) Business Case identified.

Project Management

Elimination of paper and complex project tools.      Start collaborating in the cloud today with your project team from a single view, any time, any where.


Using the Dusk Mobile Intelligent Operations Platform, Project Management module, you can easily view your Gantt chart showing who is working on which task. Assign predecessors, successors and dependencies. Adjust timelines and constraints at the click of a button. Learn more….

Mobility & Forms

Faster data collection with conditional logic. Configurable forms for bringing in any data structure to the Intelligent Operations Platform. Forms are used on the backend to model your business information or embedded within the native IOP application. This provides powerful in field collaboration for your crews. Socially distant crew data capture, rolling up to the parent job for easy closeout and fast invoicing of works.


Drag ‘n’ drop  SaaS form builder using nested logic out of the box. With many pre-built templates available to get you started. It even includes “in field” mobile form building for on the fly jobs and full offline capability. Learn more….

It’s your choice of office

Workforce Management

Increased accuracy down to 1 meter in the field.      One of the most comprehensive toolsets on the market for planning, scheduling and field completion of work. Next generation workforce management software for complex long cycle work and short cycle inspections as well as audits.


Integrated route optimisation and resource utilisation dashboards. The Workflow Builder ensures you provide a premium automated service and costly data delays are avoided. Superior support for your teams every step of the way. Learn more….

Time Sheeting

Improved productivity, data available immediately. Simplify and shorten your invoice cycles with real time submission of time sheets from your field crews and technicians. Available on both Web and Apps.


Configure for your job types and provide your customers with the data they want, in the format they want. Expenses, LAFHA, Skills, Certificates and much more out of the box in this Intelligent Operations Platform module. Learn more….


Safety first with the latest information and alerting. Bring your IoT Capabilities to life and connect to your other business processes for real time automation. Configurable alerts, notifications and warnings plus dynamic workflows for end to end real time data transfer.


Represent your sensors spatially within the Intelligent Operations Platform, integrate analytics or visualise large volumes of data with ease, all via API’s. Learn more….

Dusk Mobile Intelligent Operations Platform for Field Service Management Leaders - IOP

The Problem

  • Non transparent legacy manual process
  • Under utilisation of Service Provider resources and assets
  • Need to improve reliability and availability of physical assets
  • Inefficient audit and lack of performance visibility
  • Cost down pressure on contracts
  • Breaches/Missed SLA’s or KPI adherence
  • Duplicate and manual data entry
  • Information delays and poor data
  • Lack of real time and remote access

The Solution

  • All of business visibility
  • Alerting and notifying ahead of issues
  • SaaS based scaleable solution
  • Automate your own processes at your pace
  • Build, deploy and manage your own solutions
  • Replaces the paper based forms with mobile interface
  • Makes the job visible, measurable and auditable
  • Reduces duplication of processes
  • Provides real time access to information

Sample Features

  • Customisable forms/checklists
  • Analytics and Dashboard interfaces
  • IoT device visualisation and updates
  • API’s to many EAM’s, ERP’s, CRM’s and more
  • Jobs displayed on a map or a list showing current and future work
  • Pre-defined SMS/safety audits/forms/checklists templates
  • Automatic Inspection Reminders * Turn spreadsheets into mobile inspections
  • Offline functionality
  • Real time information updates based on data coverage of work status
  • Route optimisation and turn by turn navigation
  • Proximity alerting to customers when techs are nearby
  • Dynamic Reporting – Email, PDF & Digital Dashboard
  • E-signatures
  • White label – brand as your own

The Benefits

  • The complete picture at a glance to quickly assess and take appropriate action
  • Operational cost savings by reduced cost to serve, at least 25%-30%
  • Improved asset performance and predictive forecasting
  • Visibility of cross business processes facilitating end-to-end process improvement
  • Move to condition based maintenance and reduce costs by 30%
  • Empowers staff with richer data
  • Manage work loads efficiently by allocating based on optimal customer outcome
  • Perform inspections easily, fast and on site – no calls or requests for extra info
  • Enhances job safety with the right information at the right time
  • Reduce paperwork and duplicate data entry saving 30% easily
  • Management access to inspection and audit status for compliance reporting
  • Accelerate your transformation with pre-built templates
  • Increase data accuracy with drop down lists, no paper or free text fields

Smart dispatch and optimised resource utilisation through more accurate information allows you to effectively manage your workloads, clients and assets, achieving significant benefits. Furthermore, capturing this data at the source facilitates smarter condition based maintenance. This translates to even greater reductions in future asset maintenance savings. Smarter workforces want to work smarter. IOP delivers on the cost demands being driven and the required efficiencies that enable a deeper understanding of your business and the actions out of it.  This is the single, smart window into your organisation’s operations that you’ve been looking for.


Mobilise your workforce with the Dusk IOP mobile apps (available in the App Store and Play Store). This provides your Dispatchers the ability to distribute tasks directly from the Intelligent Operations Platform web console. Simplify creating tasks, automating functions, building smart checklists, completing inspections, maintaining locations and multi-user collaboration. But this just scratches the surface of its capabilities……


Digging deeper

The Intelligent Operations Platform can visualise, monitor and take action on any data. Whether it be asset monitoring with geospatial representation or integrated sensor capability through IoT. Enable updating, notation, image capture, voice and more plus analytics and visualisation via dashboard views.


Let one of our team discuss your needs and demonstrate the functionality. If you like what you see, we can show you how to access a 30-day trial – so you can showcase the IOP capability to your stakeholders. Reduce upfront costs and get going faster!

Dane S.
Dane S.
Fantstic product, wonderful team Overall experience has been excellent, from concept through execution. We're very early into our experience with the final program, but believe moving forward it will allow us to be proactive as a business rather than reactive, which is the biggest benefit. ☺The best thing about the software was it's outstanding breadth of ability, and the vast amounts of customization available. ☹What we like least would probably be how intricate the back end is, and that sometimes it can be slow to load information, but that may be because we have so much information.
Lara B.
Lara B.
Highly Accommodating and Easy to Work With IOP has given us flexibility in the way we collect information, and more efficiency with the collation of that information. IOP has helped streamline aspects of our business that we were struggling to manage. ☺This software allows our business to collect data from our field, with integrity and meaning. We are able to run our Field Force more efficiently, whilst also getting the best results for our Clients. ☹The administration to output using the software is quite detailed and intensive, however as a business, we made the decision to bring more administration in-house, so our users will have a better experience using the App.
Dominic B.
Dominic B.
Increased output ☺IOP's integration with our businesses exiting systems and processes made workflow and productivity increases immediately. The efficiency across the program from onboarding a task through to completion has enabled growth within our business and suported increased work load. ☹Coming up over 2 years since migrating to IOP, we are yet to encounter any issues to report on that would deter us from recommending this program to others.
Stephen P.
Stephen P.
Web Site Setup and maintenance Great, works well once established. ☺The ease of setup by Dusk who lead us in a logical and systematic process which made it very easy to get to the end goal we wanted to achieve. ☹We were hands off and only looked at images or data until the completion; therefore we were not directly involved with the software just the end product.
Andrew M.
Andrew M.
Great product, easy to navigate and provides up to date information on resources in the field Would continue to use this product ☺Ease of use and intuitive functionality ☹No issues, look forward to the updates and functions
Grant B.
Grant B.
Easy to use and unlocked insights from data ☺Really easy to setup and deploy. Connected to our environment and drove business insights quickly. ☹Be great to have notifications pushed out from the platform. But not difficult to build your own.
Louis L.
Louis L.
IOP Business Benefits Our overall experience has been amazing as it has really help us stream line our program and delivery governance to our customer. ☺The software was easily implemented and configured to meet the needs of the business. It is multi purposed to cover all streams of a program both internally and customer facing. ☹During the deployment and working with DUSK Mobile we had no negative experiences re IOP

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