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Empowering Individual Action to Fight Climate Change – Interview

Empowering Individual Action to Fight Climate Change – Interview

A recent interview with Matt Chester of Solar Tribune on the recent observations of climate change impacts as a result of COVID-19 with our CEO, Alan King


“One observation we can take out of how the world has adjusted during the time of COVID-19, is the type of energy usage that has been avoided when we look at the world differently. For example, for all the people who could no longer go to their gyms who changed to just running out in the fresh air, that’s a lot less energy needed to run those facilities. And for all the vehicles that are now off the road and planes grounded, the energy reduction directly and indirectly in doing that is unprecedented. While home energy use may have increased, it’s a smarter energy use. Think of all the office buildings that keep lights on 24 hours per day, heat huge unoccupied spaces (don’t touch the thermostat sticker!), but now that energy is being used at home where people turn off the lights when they’re not needed as they have control. These are the type of thoughtful actions people can learn from.” — Alan King, CEO of Dusk Mobile

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Empowering Individual Action To Fight Climate Change

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