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Dusk Mobile Enhances their HubSpot Integration for Field Service Management with Seamless Data Sync on Custom Properties

Dusk Mobile and HubSpot Custom Properties for Field Service Management

Dusk Mobile Enhances their HubSpot Integration for Field Service Management with Seamless Data Sync on Custom Properties

Dusk Mobile, a leading innovator in field service management solutions, is thrilled to announce a significant advancement in its app partnership with HubSpot, a renowned provider of CRM and marketing automation software. This latest development further cements the collaboration between the two companies, enabling customers to dynamically sync their crucial data from deals, tickets, contacts and HubSpot custom properties seamlessly into the Dusk Mobile Intelligent Operations Platform (Dusk IOP).


Field service management is a critical aspect of modern business operations, and the integration of Dusk Mobile’s cutting-edge technology with HubSpot’s robust CRM capabilities empowers organizations to streamline their workflows and enhance customer experiences by closing the RevOps gap. By deepening this partnership, Dusk Mobile is dedicated to delivering unparalleled value to its customers through the following features:


1. Dynamic Data Syncing: With this enhanced integration, Dusk Mobile customers can now enjoy real-time, synchronization of their Deals, Tickets, Contacts, and HubSpot Custom Properties data between HubSpot and the Dusk IOP. This means that information updates made in either system can be automatically reflected in the other, reducing manual data entry and ensuring data consistency across platforms.


2. Improved Efficiency: By eliminating manual data transfer tasks, businesses can focus on core activities, optimizing their field service operations and reducing the risk of errors caused by redundant data entry.


3. Comprehensive Insights: The integration provides a holistic view of customer interactions, ensuring that field service teams have access to up-to-date information on customer needs, preferences, service history, and even HubSpot custom properties. This enables them to provide more personalized and effective support, ultimately driving higher customer satisfaction.


4. Enhanced Collaboration: The synergy between Dusk Mobile and HubSpot facilitates seamless collaboration between sales, marketing, and field service teams. This alignment empowers businesses to work cohesively, resulting in improved customer engagement and smoother customer journeys.


“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with HubSpot by enabling customers to harness the power of unified data for field service management, including HubSpot custom properties,” said Alan King, CEO of Dusk Mobile. “This integration represents our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that help businesses thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape. By providing a seamless flow of information, we empower our customers to provide exceptional field service experiences that drive loyalty and growth.”


The integration between Dusk Mobile and HubSpot reflects both companies’ dedication to empowering businesses with the tools they need to succeed. Clients can now leverage a comprehensive ecosystem that combines HubSpot’s CRM capabilities with Dusk Mobile’s advanced field service management solutions, resulting in a truly end-to-end approach to customer engagement and service excellence. “We’re excited to have Dusk Mobile as a member of our App Partner Program,” said Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot. “The Dusk IOP can make it even easier for our customers to meet and exceed their growth goals.”


For more information about this enhanced integration and how it can benefit your organization, please visit Dusk Mobile’s website at https://duskmobile.com and the HubSpot App Marketplace.


About Dusk Mobile:


Dusk Mobile is a leading provider of innovative field service management solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth. With a commitment to technological excellence, Dusk Mobile empowers organizations across industries to deliver exceptional field service that builds lasting customer relationships.


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