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SMS Feedback – Customer Success Story

SMS Feedback – Customer Success Story

The latest project delivered by the Dusk Mobile team was the design and development of the SMS Feedback product that allows service providers to request feedback from their customers.


A Dusk customer, an Australian insurance company specializing in providing services to Business, Commercial and Private sectors, wanted to contact their customers to receive feedback on the services of their account managers. Prior to the SMS Feedback, the company was struggling to engage with the customers and receive feedback on their experience. As a result, they couldn’t understand their customer concerns and had limited metrics to measure the performance of their staff. They needed a way to increase their customer satisfaction via digital means.


Using the SMS Feedback product developed by Dusk Mobile, the company is able to send personalized SMS messages allowing customers to provide feedback right through their mobile phones. A link is included in the SMS which allows customers to rate the services of their account managers.

Additionally, the SMS Feedback product includes a 5-star rating functionality, customisable buttons (service, information, personal attention, knowledgeable, price and other), personalised SMS and the ability for customers to request a call back to provide further feedback.

The SMS Feedback product is currently assisting companies in the financial sector improve customer satisfaction, improve retention and input to their net promoter score, which translates to improved revenues. Furthermore, the SMS Feedback product is improving business process by making it more efficient as customer concerns are addressed directly and quickly. Also the account managers develop their skills, along with getting rewarded and recognised based on direct customer feedback.


Because of the real-time nature of the SMS Feedback product, the company is able to receive massive volumes of customer feedback much quicker than with any other method. Since launching the SMS Feedback product, the company has been able to address customer concerns directly and quickly thereby increasing customer engagement. Thanks to SMS feedback, the business can create a deeper relationship with their customers through automated communication with ROI realised very quickly.

In other industries, this product can be used to rate service providers such as car mechanics, sales teams, real estate agents and many more customer facing roles. Talk to us and see if the SMS Feedback product can benefit your company on 03 9913 6300 or email us at mobile@duskmobile.com

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Dusk Mobile is headed by Alan King, who stepped into the mobile industry more than 12 years ago with a degree in Business Information Systems Management. Dusk Mobile was launched in 2013 and now counts some of Australia’s largest companies among its clients with multiple large mobile application, web portal and innovative technology deliverables under their belts. Find out more: https://duskmobile.com

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