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Synchronise your Project and Job finances with Xero using the Dusk IOP connector

Xero and Dusk IOP - Next Generation Field Service Management

Synchronise your Project and Job finances with Xero using the Dusk IOP connector

The Dusk IOP makes it easy to synchronise between the Sales Order functionality and your Xero account. Sync up your Purchase Orders and Invoices from the Dusk IOP with a single button to Xero. This means, you retain your financial source of truth in Xero and your finance team have visibility of projects and job financials happening in the Dusk IOP. No more waiting for weekly reporting, ad hoc updates and remove duplicate data entry at the same time.


Using our pre-built connector, getting started is straight forward. Choose the information you send to Xero and even synchronise against your finance codes. This remove duplicate data touch points in Xero, or your finance team chasing your operations team to see which category line items should be booked against!


The power of the Dusk IOP lets you capture rich information in the office and field and keep that in sync with your Xero software.


Sign up for a trial of the Dusk IOP here: https://duskmobile.net/register

Getting started with connecting to Xero is here (registered customers only)

Learn more about and Xero here


Try a 14 day free trial of the Dusk IOP and start seeing the benefits of automated workflows, informed decision making and a single, comprehensive view of your business in real time. Start collaborating today.


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