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2016 Enterprise Mobile Trends

2016 Enterprise Mobile Trends

A recent report from Salesforce has highlighted a number of key trends identified for 2016.

Digital Transformation insights from over 2,200 IT leaders and global CIO’s. The full report is available here: Full Salesforce Report

Highlights being:

63% of companies who operate in the cloud can develop an app in 3 months or less

80% of those developing in the cloud say they are primarily working on projects that will transform their business

  1. Top teams in the digital age are not afraid to take risks – they are actively testing, adopting and mastering new technologies as they emerge.
  2. The cloud is being used to support more complex integrations for app development projects.


68% of IT teams report spending more on mobile apps, cloud migration and cyber security over the next 2 years.

  1. IT leaders are becoming more focused on innovative, digitally driven technology and the security that goes with it.
  2. The top 3 areas for increased spending are mobile apps, cloud migration and security. Budgets have not kept pace with the demand as IT becomes a strategic business driver.


The Digital Officer

60% of companies surveyed already employ a Chief Digital Officer – a leadership role that was scarcely heard of 10 years ago.

  1. The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has become a must have in many organisations. Usually a marketing background, consumer knowledge and hyperfocus on digital trends.


Multiple Integrations

37% of IT leaders are integrating with more than 11 systems. As complexity of integrations increase, cloud migration becomes a priority


App Development Scope

79% of IT teams are currently developing apps for customers, partners and employees

  1. Customers and Employees have grown to expect companies to deliver personalized, on-demand experiences that evolve along with their needs.
  2. Beyond just managing technical operations, IT are becoming central to every facet of the business.