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Dusk Mobile Partners with SightCall

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Dusk Mobile Partners with SightCall

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Dusk Mobile is pleased to announce our new partnership with SightCall, an enterprise grade video cloud platform company. SightCall are leaders in the remote visual assistance market and have experience working across industries such as utilities, automotive and field services. SightCall own the full technology stack for their product, which means high quality video and audio plus a rich set of features.


Alan King, CEO at Dusk Mobile says:


“Developing partnerships to expand the capability of our workforce management platform, the Dusk IOP is a key part of our growth strategy allowing us to deliver further value to our customers. The alignment of industries and core business values between SightCall and Dusk Mobile are a natural fit. Our customers have been talking about remote service more during the pandemic and we’re pleased to be able to offer this in our platform. We’re looking forward to helping them improve service levels, realise efficiencies safely and enhance their customer service.


There are exciting times ahead and we’re looking forward to showcasing the integrated toolset capability and adding further value to the SightCall team and their product set.”


George Chondros, Senior Director at SightCall Australasia says:


“This partnership between SightCall and Dusk Mobile is not only a natural fit between organisations but also to Dusk Mobile’s customers who will be able to utilise remote service as part of their service operations on Dusk IOP.”


Read more about Remote Service and how it can help your organisation in this blog post here

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