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Dusk Mobile Whitepapers on CIO

Dusk Mobile Whitepapers on CIO

A couple of resources available on the CIO website that have been put together to showcase the future of the Workspace with VMWare.

These can be accessed here: CIO Magazine


The State of the Digital Workspace

By Dusk Mobile

Discover the Latest Business Mobility Trends and Insights to Implement Today.


Digital workspace first-movers experience business, operational, and financial benefits while those that wait are falling behind… Game-changing IT depends on organisations adopting a digital workspace that includes security and identity management as vital components. Download here: CIO Magazine


A Roadmap for the Digital Workspace

By Dusk Mobile

Chart Your Journey with Real Stories from Real Customers.


IT needs a streamlined solution that can keep up with the pace of modern business, without sacrificing security or increasing costs. For many organisations, that means working toward a digital workspace. Download here: CIO Magazine

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