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End of Year Wrap 2016!

End of Year Wrap 2016!

It is that time of year again (already!) for celebrating, reviewing and taking stock of all that 2016 threw at us. We recently passed the 3-year anniversary here at Dusk Mobile and have grown year on year. Those with their own business will appreciate the emotional rollercoaster that each day brings, the highs and the lows. I am very pleased to say the highs far outweigh the lows but hard work is absolutely the name of the game. 2016 saw many new customers joining our business and some great digital projects delivered, welcome and thank you.


We have matured as a business and really validated what has worked and what hasn’t to date. A successful transition occurred from a large services play into a majority product based play. We still offer services both directly and white labeled under other SI’s but solving business challenges with software is at our core. Numerous people have supported me over the last 12 months, too many to name from personal to professional but Dusk wouldn’t be where it is today without everyone who has played a part.


We were again nominated for the Telstra Small Business Awards, which was exciting.


As any of my connections and followers know, I am terrible at self promotion and talking about our successes. We have achieved many over the last 12 months, here are some highlights from the year:


  • Built out our Digital Recontracting solution
  • Customer Feedback product
  • Digital German Automotive Insurance Renewal tool including dashboards/import/export/email features
  • Digital Strategy engagements
  • Reporting portals – upload, analysis, emails
  • Mobile solution architecture reviews
  • Multiple AirWatch projects
  • Growth of our App Support monthly model and capabilities
  • IoT Proof of Concepts in Farming and Healthcare
  • Expansion of our inspection and scheduling solution including routing


A couple of exciting developments have been in both the IoT arena and building out our SMS based tools. This includes the launch of our new line of products at http://digitalrecontracting.com that the team have been working away diligently on, to digitize the whole contract process in a multitude of industries.


I am pleased to announce that Doodle Quote will launch early in the new year, another exciting joint venture aimed at removing all paper in the quoting process and upselling products and services. Integration via API’s also and some smart technology coming in Phase 2 later in Q1 2017.


Call us on +61 (0)3 9071 0333 or email the team at mobile@duskmobile.com to see how we can help with your business process automation.


As I look towards 2017, I am excited about the growth of our product set and our current customers, welcoming new customers and growing our team both onshore and offshore. Dusk is very much a team effort and it goes without saying that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the contribution of the group.


Thank you and Seasons Greetings!